Friday, June 10, 2011

Making a Difference

One of the girls end of school year projects was to "Make a Difference." Aubrey and two of her friends decided to make box braid keychains and sell them with proceeds going towards Japan for Tsunami relief. It was a lot of tedious work to make each keychain but they worked hard at it! They made quite a bit of money and were really proud of themselves. The keychains turned out awesome. Aubrey even made little "Make a Difference" laminated signs on each one and created a powerpoint presentation to show her class. Theirs was even selected as the representative of their class to present at the school's assembly. I was really proud!!

Taking a break and doing a little Wii Sing It :) (fun game btw!)

A few of their finished products

Ella also did this project. Her idea was to do a lemonade stand. We called her little friend Isabella who is in her class to help. They were the cutest little lemonade sellers ever! They also decided to raise money to help with the situation in Japan(American Red Cross is who we donated to). They girls helped make the lemonade and then sold it by our neighborhood pool. They did a super job! And together they created a powerpoint to show the class what they did. They were also the project in their class selected to represent them at the assembly! Wow, I was impressed with these girls and all of their hard work in making a difference!! Their teachers were quite impressed too.

They were simply adorable.

One of their many many sales. A lot of people were thirsty that day!

Break time! Time to run around and have some fun.


Cynthia said...

Congratulations we are proud of you and your efforts. I'm sure the kids in Japan will know that someone cared enough for them to Make A Difference.

Marie Rayner said...

I'm not surprised they did well. They are super girls! I love that they are caring and compassionate. They are wonderful qualities to have. Every little helps. xxoo

Emily said...

It is so good that your kids are learning so young, that making a difference for others, actually makes them, feel really good. Looks like they had fun! :)

Grammy Staffy said...

What clever and charitable girls. I am sure they get that from their mommy. You are all just a wonderful family. Can I adopt you all?

Thank you for the cold stone ice cream card. I just received it. You are so sweet and generous. It will go to good use.

Have a great week. Enjoy every minute of the summer. Time slips away so fast. Many hugs, Grammy Lura