Saturday, June 18, 2011

Schools Out!

I meant to post these pictures before the last post. I'm all messed up and out of order right now trying to catch up on things! I just haven't had the time to post as much as I used to...four kids keeps you busy:)

So, the kids last day of school was June 2nd. The last week of school was jam packed with all kinds of fun stuff for the girls. Ella had a "Rumble in the Jungle" day where they did all kinds of animal activities, games, relays and bouncehouses. And Aubrey's grade did a "Fern's Fair"(they read Charlotte's Web this year). Both kids had so much fun and anticipated these events for weeks! They both said they had the best "last week of school ever" :) They were actually sad school was over this year, which made me happy to know that they enjoyed it that much.

I taught Aubrey how to make spider web cupcakes to enter into the fair. They didn't give "1st prize" or anything like that, but I'm sure she would've won :) No, I'm not biased...

The kids all had "jobs" to work at the fair and Aubrey was picked to be a face painter(which she REALLY REALLY wanted!) She was so excited to do this and even practiced on her sisters the day before.

I didn't get more than one picture of Ella at her rumble in the jungle(my hands were so full) but I did snap one ofher creating an animal out of this clay stuff. :) Her favorite station was, of course, the bounce house. What kid doesn't love to bounce in those things. Heck, I do.

While I was up at the school that week I was able to snap a couple of pics of the girls with their teachers. Here is Ella with our beloved Mrs. Gahan (aka the best teacher ever). We love this lady! She has a special gift for teaching. And she just loves our girls. She only had wonderful things to say about both Aubrey(Aubrey had her also) and Ella. She wrote on Ella's report card how she is going to have to steal her from 2nd grade to bring her in to show her new class an example of a hard-working student:) She also gave Ella the "most conscientious student" award this year. She said Ella was always working hard and doing what she was supposed to be doing. Thats our Ella, always busy, always organized, always on top of things! Her teacher also told us she has never seen a child read so much! Its true-Ella devours books. And most of the time, she prefers to read out loud:) She gets REALLY into character. Its really cute. Ella has her own special flair to everything she does.
Aubrey and her teacher, Mrs. Dickson. Mrs. Dickson was super sweet to Aubrey and loved having her in class. She was the teacher Aubrey hoped she would get this year(we seem to always get the best Glen Oaks teachers!) Aubrey did so great this year in school, no surprise of course. We had her tested for the Gifted/Talented program this year and she passed so she will start that in the fall. She also scored amazing high scores on her MAP test, scores the teacher had never seen. And this was also her first year to take the state mandated TAKS test. She missed 1 problem out of the entire test! Crazy!! (There were close to 100 questions. She didn't miss a single problem in the Math section!) We are so proud of her!! And not only is she a good student in class, but outside of class too. She is known for being kind and considerate to others.

Okay, I'll stop bragfest 2011:) I'll end with a couple of pics of the last day of school. The girls with their buds. . .saying goodbye.

Ella & Isabella

Aubrey & Phoebe

But its not goodbye for long, school will be back in session before we know it. Time flies like that. Its nuts. I'll have a 4th grader, a 2nd grader and Cali will start pre-k in the fall!


Marie Rayner said...

I am wishing the girls, and YOU a lovely summer. I know you will all get up to lots of fun stuff. I can't wait to see it all!! Love you guys! xxoo

Emily said...

Those cupcakes look awesome! yummy too! You never have to apologize about bragging about your kids. That is what Mommys work so hard for, making their kids brag worthy ;)Cute pics!