Saturday, July 30, 2011

Family.....isn't it about time?

Here are a few wicked awesome pictures of hanging out at my parents the last couple of days before Austin left. We did lots of fun things, but spent a lot of time at home just talking and laughing and of course, eating:) My mom baked a big cookie and wrote "Return with Honor" on it for our small family "party." Austin didn't want a big get together, just us. Hes a simple dude. :) It was nice just hangin out. Enjoy the pics...a few of these are truly gems...

Friday, July 29, 2011

Austin's last Kiko's run

While we were in Corpus visiting the fam, we hit one of our local favorite Mexican restaurants, Kiko's. We have so many memories from this place over the past years! We just love this place. Every time we go to Corpus, we HAVE to go here. Since my brother Austin was about to leave on his mission(for 2 years) and wouldn't be able to taste any good authentic Mexican food for quite some time, we of course, all had to go to Kiko's with him one last time. Doesn't he look sad here?(Actually, he just doesn't love me pointing the camera and clicking it at him:) Too bad Austin, I took lots of pictures of you last week! And I plan to post them(not that hes reading this right now...hes in the MTC!) Whahahaha.

Taylor, Tara & Mark(my other 3 younger sibs) Yep, I'm the oldest of 5 kiddos. I love these guys. They are pretty rad people. I love how Tara posed here. All giddy-fied.

Lots of smiles! When you know you are about to eat food this good, you can't help but smile. And pee a little sometimes. wink. wink.

Then we started acting was the root beer I tell ya! Aubrey showed everyone how she can touch her thumb to the back of her arm.

Then Austin decided to show him a trick of his own. She looks a bit overwhelmed...

And I guess my sister(who had gotten a hold of the camera) caught a picture of me looking deep in thought as I tried to figure it out too. This picture makes me laugh. I look like an idiot. I love it.

And I was unsuccessful at accomplishing the task. I actually hurt myself trying to do it.
Well, I guess we aren't all winners.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I've just launched a new website! Check it out at I came up with this idea not too long ago-a website that reviews local family fun(restaurants, parks, attractions, etc) from a Mom's perspective. Since I live in the Dallas area, most reviews will be Dallas-based. However, I have this vision of it spreading across the country(crazy, I know, but its good to think BIG:). I'd love to have guest contributors/other Mommy bloggers from cities across the U.S. share their experiences with their favorite family spots too! I'm using Blogger as my platform(because thats what I "know" :) so maybe its a little bit ghetto right now, but in time I will improve it. Maybe it will eventually look like totally professional-haha.

I really hope this will become a great resource to families anywhere- especially families that have just moved to a new area and need ideas of what to do and families that are going on a vacation. And of course, just families that are looking for some fun and don't know where to find it. Or just need the inside "sKoop." This site will also provide info and tips to make their families adventures a success!

Please share it with your friends in any way possible!! Facebook(it has a Facebook page too. Just type in to find it!), Twitter, a blog post dedicated to it...gosh, I'm kinda sounding desperate here! Oh well. I am. This is my dream y'all:) It was so exciting when I bought that domain name and it was MINE!!! So, please head over and give it some blog love. Become a follower!!! I promise good stuff!!!!! And if you are interested in being a guest contributor, I'D JUST LOVE YOU TO PIECES! I'd love to get some reviews from other cities asap! Just email me at info at myskoop dot com.

Thanks so much for your support!! xoxo

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Padre Island

While we were in Corpus Christi last week, we went with Joey's family to the beach on Padre Island. It was Ammon's first time to go to the beach and he LOVED it. He loved it so much, he ate it:) He also got to "ride" on Daddy's surfboard. That was a moment I had imagined for years...seeing my son standing on his Daddy's board. It was adorable to see my two surfer dudes together:) The kids had so much fun with their cousins. Cali and Shelby especially hit it off on this visit...they were two peas in a pod! At the beach, they worked vigorously to fill a big hole(dug by Kai & Aubrey) with water. Shelby was so funny as she ran to the ocean to fill up her bucket and then ran back(while most of the water sloshed out by the time she made it to the hole!). She basically gave it a sprinkle each time. It was so cute. Ella had fun searching for shells and even found a sandcrab! Don did some fishing with his net and Nana was there to hold hands with the little girls and help them to "jump" over each wave. It was a great time!!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Duct tape creations

Did you know you can use duct tape for all kinds of pretty rad stuff? I never knew they even made duct tape that was colored and fun prints until a couple of months ago! Its the hottest new thang:) Anyways, we bought the girls a few rolls at Target this past week(they are $3.99 a roll, fyi, not too shabby) and they have had lots of fun making stuff. Its been a great summer craft supply this year. We went to youtube to watch some how-to videos(the ones from the makers of Duck tape are really good and thorough) and then got to work. The girls first made rose pens. A good one to start off with, pretty quick and easy. Then we decided to go BIG(for me anyways, I am soooo not crafty!) and make duct tape wallets. This was a bit of a project with 3 little girls to assist, but it is actually not very hard at all. Really the only hard part is trying to make sure the tape doesn't bunch up and bubble and stick to the wrong places(if you are perfectionists like we are:) Anyways, here are pictures of the girls working hard and their super cute finished creations. If you are interested in making some wallets with your kiddos, click here for a great instructional video.

Friday, July 22, 2011

I know you wish you had hair like this

I let the girls do my hair the other day. . .pretty awesome stuff right here. Oh, and Aubrey wants me to clarify that they were being silly, not serious:)
Don't ask why I am doing two thumbs up with my hands crossed. I'm a little wacky.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Sneak peek of Ammon's room

Sorry I've been MIA the past few days! We were out of town visiting family in Corpus and saying goodbye to my brother, Austin, who is now in the MTC training to serve the Lord as a full-time missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. (Good times! And of course we took pictures that I'll share soon!) Proud of my lil bro!

First of all, thanks to everyone for voting for my blog for Circle of Mom's Top 25 Family blogs. I took the #6 spot!! Awesome!!!!! Its an honor to be listed!! They'll feature this blog soon in their montly roundup with a picture and q&a of each of the blogger moms. Pretty cooL!

Second of all, I hope everyone is having a grrrreat summer full of sun-kissed cheeks, splashing, popsicles, kids fighting:), and fun.

Third of all, here is a sneak peak picture of Ammon's room! We painted it the beginning of the month and have added a few island touches(he is a Pacific Islander as you know:). Joey made the surfboard with Ammon's name on it-I LOVE it!! Isn't it perfect? And the bedding and decor you wouldn't believe, but I got them all from Craig's List! Lots of Pottery Barn stuff for dirt cheap. I LOVE a good deal! I found it all last year when I was pregnant and have been so impatiently waiting to put it all together! So, his room isn't completely finished but I think its pretty cute so far.. if I wait till its totally done to post, then I may never post:) Because sometimes its "never done" in my head. Lol. Me=Crazy. Anyways, thank you Joey for making the "design in my mind" become a reality:) Goodbye pink and white stripes, hello island boy's room! And yep, all three girls are now sharing a room. And its going just fine. For the most part:) We just moved all the toys into the open gameroom/playroom and only beds are drawers are in their room now. Its working...for now:)

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Voting ends today!

Today is the last day to get some votes in for me! If you could take two seconds to hop over to this site and vote for My Kids Say I'm Silly as one of Circle of Mom's top family blogs, I'd really appreciate it! Its just one click!

Thanks y'all with a cherry on top.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Anything for free food...and I mean anything

When my friend Sheri texted me about dressing up like cows to get free food at Chick Fil A last Friday...I wasn't too sure. I loooove Chick Fil A, but I wasn't sure how in the mood for making a fool of myself I was. But I thought about it for awhile and said, what the heck. Lets rock this. I'll look ridiculous and really silly(But isn't that the name of this blog? I'm supposed to be silly:) but it'll be worth it. And it was. We made some fun memories that day and laughed and laughed at ourselves. I mean, if you can't do that, then whats this all about anyways? And we got like twenty bucks worth of free food! If you dressed head to toe cow, you got full on meals! Awesome. Thanks Chick Fil A. We'll be back next year fo sho. Oh and an added bonus was the wheel spin out front. We got lots of coupons for more free food! I'm all about food yall. Allll about food.

I will probably regret posting this picture for the rest of my life:) I look "udder"ly ridiculous... wowsas, that was lame.

Monday, July 11, 2011

4th of July

This year's 4th was one of the best! We lots of friends to share the holiday with and lots of fun. We all had a blast hanging out, eating popcorn, ice pops, candy, playing with glowsticks and watching fireworks together! It was Ammon's 1st 4th of July celebration and I think he had a great time. He stayed up till 11pm that night and never cried once(such a good baby!!). He was very interested in the fireworks too-it was so cute. We were far enough away for them not to be crazy loud, so that was good too:) Could've been a different story if they had been louder.

Our sweet boy enjoying his first 4th

Cali all aglow

Yummy yummy festive popcorn

Ammon giving his mom a backrub with his feet:) Gotta train them young ya know.

Can you tell who this is?

My boys

Some of the kids watching the show
Ammon and a beautiful bunch of girls...doesn't look like he minds one bit!