Monday, July 11, 2011

4th of July

This year's 4th was one of the best! We lots of friends to share the holiday with and lots of fun. We all had a blast hanging out, eating popcorn, ice pops, candy, playing with glowsticks and watching fireworks together! It was Ammon's 1st 4th of July celebration and I think he had a great time. He stayed up till 11pm that night and never cried once(such a good baby!!). He was very interested in the fireworks too-it was so cute. We were far enough away for them not to be crazy loud, so that was good too:) Could've been a different story if they had been louder.

Our sweet boy enjoying his first 4th

Cali all aglow

Yummy yummy festive popcorn

Ammon giving his mom a backrub with his feet:) Gotta train them young ya know.

Can you tell who this is?

My boys

Some of the kids watching the show
Ammon and a beautiful bunch of girls...doesn't look like he minds one bit!


Grammy Staffy said...

What a fun time and what darling pictures. I am glad that you had such a nice 4th.

I been voting for you each day but today it wouldn't let me.... I voted last night but not today but it told me I did. I should go to the source and complain!!!

Oh well, I hope you win. Hugs, Lura

Marie Rayner said...

Holly, you must get tired of hearing it, but you have such a beautiful family! I love you all to bits! What a fun 4th of July! xxoo
PS That Ammon is a little charmer!!

Tara D. said...

Aw. How sweet. Love the last picture- ammon sure doesn't mind one bit, LOL. Looks like a good time y'all! :)

Cynthia said...

Cute cute cute. Happy times always.

Jessica said...

we sure missed you guys this year!!!!!