Friday, July 29, 2011

Austin's last Kiko's run

While we were in Corpus visiting the fam, we hit one of our local favorite Mexican restaurants, Kiko's. We have so many memories from this place over the past years! We just love this place. Every time we go to Corpus, we HAVE to go here. Since my brother Austin was about to leave on his mission(for 2 years) and wouldn't be able to taste any good authentic Mexican food for quite some time, we of course, all had to go to Kiko's with him one last time. Doesn't he look sad here?(Actually, he just doesn't love me pointing the camera and clicking it at him:) Too bad Austin, I took lots of pictures of you last week! And I plan to post them(not that hes reading this right now...hes in the MTC!) Whahahaha.

Taylor, Tara & Mark(my other 3 younger sibs) Yep, I'm the oldest of 5 kiddos. I love these guys. They are pretty rad people. I love how Tara posed here. All giddy-fied.

Lots of smiles! When you know you are about to eat food this good, you can't help but smile. And pee a little sometimes. wink. wink.

Then we started acting was the root beer I tell ya! Aubrey showed everyone how she can touch her thumb to the back of her arm.

Then Austin decided to show him a trick of his own. She looks a bit overwhelmed...

And I guess my sister(who had gotten a hold of the camera) caught a picture of me looking deep in thought as I tried to figure it out too. This picture makes me laugh. I look like an idiot. I love it.

And I was unsuccessful at accomplishing the task. I actually hurt myself trying to do it.
Well, I guess we aren't all winners.


jOeY said...

Good times...I love all the pics of our little fam. Everyone looks all tan. :)

hoLLy said...

everyone but me...whatev. :)

Patty said...

Good Times! Thanks for posting them!!

Emily said...

I liked seeing the pics of your siblings. That looks like a good time.