Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Padre Island

While we were in Corpus Christi last week, we went with Joey's family to the beach on Padre Island. It was Ammon's first time to go to the beach and he LOVED it. He loved it so much, he ate it:) He also got to "ride" on Daddy's surfboard. That was a moment I had imagined for years...seeing my son standing on his Daddy's board. It was adorable to see my two surfer dudes together:) The kids had so much fun with their cousins. Cali and Shelby especially hit it off on this visit...they were two peas in a pod! At the beach, they worked vigorously to fill a big hole(dug by Kai & Aubrey) with water. Shelby was so funny as she ran to the ocean to fill up her bucket and then ran back(while most of the water sloshed out by the time she made it to the hole!). She basically gave it a sprinkle each time. It was so cute. Ella had fun searching for shells and even found a sandcrab! Don did some fishing with his net and Nana was there to hold hands with the little girls and help them to "jump" over each wave. It was a great time!!


Marie Rayner said...

Just look at those cute little toes on that board! How adorable! It's always so much fun to see your family enjoying themselves Holly! You are the sweetest family. I love you to bits! xxoo

-Melissa- said...

fun! great pics. love the one of Ammon on the surfboard.