Wednesday, August 31, 2011

31st Birthday BASH!

So, today is my birthday. I'm 31 yall!! 31 on the 31st, kinda magical....:) A few of my wonderful amazing awesome friends threw me one of the best birthday parties ever this week! It was at this place called Splitsville-an upscale bowling alley/restaurant. I had never been before and it was so cool! I love these girls and the time and thought they put into everything for this party. I came home feeling all warm and tingly inside:) Thanks Emily for picking such a fun place, making cupcakes and coming up with the FAB idea for a dessert contest(she had everyone bring an individual sized treat and numbers were put on them for me to taste them and choose my favorite 5-winners were on my bowling team-lucky them:) Haha. I stunk up the place! But wow, getting to try like 10 different desserts was so fun! She knows I have a BIIIG sweet tooth:) Sarah, Amanda & Rachel also helped plan the party(and Sarah brought super fun balloons that still have the helium workin today! :) Thank you so so much everyone who helped and everyone that came. I felt so very loved and feel so blessed to have such amazing friends. I love you all!

Me and my girls

Okay, so this was the coolest thing ever. My name on the sign! I was famous for a night! :)

Lookin like a dork but I had to pose in front of our two private lanes and my sign:)

Emily and I-we have become really good friends this year. So grateful for her friendship. She put a lot of time into this despite the fact that she has a little guy that keeps her so busy and is up at night. I'm grateful for the sacrifices you made to do this for me Emily! xoxo
More amazing friends! Melissa, Katie & Sarah have been close friends of mine for years now. The type of friends I can always count on! Love em. And Nadine is one of my newest friends-love her! She was also the winner of the dessert contest. She made the most delicious coconut creme cupcake!

More lovely ladies: Heidi, Rachel & Amanda. Why can't my teeth be as white as theirs? ugh! They are 3 of the most happy sweet people I know!

The dessert/gift table. I'm still full two days later...on top of these desserts I also had cupcakes! Good thing I'm still nursing...Ammon can help get rid of the calories for me:)

Sheri & Amanda. Sheri not only is a great friend from church but also lives just one street over from our family. She is my bud:) And her girls play with my girls-perfect little friends!

Emily brought a sparkler for the cupcakes. It was the BOMB. Loved it. Don't know why I look a little evil in this picture but I do. And no I didn't light my hair on fire like I thought I might. Phew.

Me just being silly with Amanda in my lap...not sure why she climbed up there...she likes me. lol. Oh, and Amanda, stop saying you are not anywhere on my blog. You are all over this. :)

It was a great time I'll never forget! Now I get to enjoy today with my family! My morning didn't start off great(just not enough time in the morning before school for Joey and the kids to do what they wanted for breakfast/ I had a kid in tears(Ella) kid whining(Cali), I got peed on, it was awesome:), but the kids and Joey are making up for it. Joey surprised me with coming home early from work and the kids have made me so many nice things-cards, signs on the walls, hugs:) And are making me a cake as I type!(german chocolate-yummy!) I also was able to eat lunch with Aubrey & Ella today at school too. I brought them cupcakes and that was really fun. I surprised them! Can't wait for Mexican food for dinner, shopping & cake this evening!! Yea for 31!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Back to school photo shoot: 2011

So this year begins 4th grade, 2nd grade and pre-k for the girls! All 3 of them were very excited to get started. I think they were tired of me! :) I love the outfits they each picked for their first day-totally fit their little personalities and style! Here are pics from the traditional "in front of the front door of our house modeling our new outfits" photo shoot...

We'll go youngest to oldest...doesn't Cali look so CUTE?! And grown up...oh, she used to be my baby...well, they all did I guess :)

LOVE this picture of my excited little girl

And of course a silly face was in order.

Here is Ella as feminine and pretty as can the little toe stance she did:)

Aubrey looked mega stylish this year and waaaay too grown up. She is almost 10. 10!!!! I can't believe it.

Sportin backpacks...

And they had to also get a picture with their new Vera Bradley lunchbags(got them half off in June! Woot woot.) They were excited to take them to school.

The older two have already had a full week of school and have loved every minute of it(phew!) And Cali had her very first day of preschool yesterday(and also loved every minute of it!) I think its gonna be a fantastic year!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Church is exhausting

This is Ammon after church last Sunday. He was eating a snack, drinking some juice and started nodding off. It was the CUTEST sight as his little head was bobbing every few seconds:) He was going, going, gone...and of course I ran and grabbed my camera! My sweet sleepy boy. I love how he didn't let go of the bottle during his little highchair nap:)

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

We got us some silly kids

If you walk into our house at any given time, this is what you might find. Our family loves music. We love dancing. And we love to be silly. Combine the three and this is what you get....

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Good thing she's so darn cute

Cali...what can I say? She keeps us on our toes. This kid was born with a mind of her own and a very VERY strong will. If I'm going to be honest here, I've had a very challenging year with her. I don't feel like I had the patience I should have some days. And to be honest, I feel like I've let her down. And that I've let myself down with how I've handled situations sometimes. :( I've been feeling kinda like a bad mom with how frustrated I've gotten. Not every day is so tough but there are some challenging days... All moms have a kid or two that are just more "spirited" than the others..and Cali is that kid:) I was talking to a friend of mine who is about 15 years older than me that has 5 kids the other day. She was telling me about one of her daughters(who is now grown) and how the qualities that made her a tough child served her well in her teen/adult years. And this gives me hope. She definitely will accomplish the things she puts her mind to and I don't think she will be easily swayed by others(because she sure as heck isn't swayed by me! lol. She does NOT want to listen to me!) So she has her rough days, but mixed in with that are awesome days where she is seriously one of the sweetest little girls you'll meet. Lately, she has been making cards for people. She hid a card in Joey's workbag the other morning and was beyond excited for him to find it! It had pictures she drew of "giraffes, a big one and a tiny one" with "Dad" written all by herself on the envelope. And the other day she cleaned off the kitchen table after breakfast without me even asking and was so excited to tell me about it. And another milestone Joey and I have noticed is that she is showing true remorse when she knows she has done something wrong. She will come on her own and apologize now(after calming herself down). I'm so proud of her for that! So while parenthood can be hard sometimes, it is so much more rewarding when you see your child learning and overcoming. I'm seeing progress with her every day in certain areas and I know she is ready for preschool(she starts next week!) This little girl is growing up! I love her dearly and know preschool will be good for her as she goes out into the world, learns & makes new friends. She does great in her primary class at church so I know she'll do great in school too. I just think she wants to give her mom a hard time sometimes...:)

Oh, how I love our Cali girl..despite the issues the past year or so have presented, she sure has made our family laugh. She is hilarious. And one of the cutest kids I've ever seen. I mean, look at those big brown eyes and those beautiful ringlets? Like the title of my post says, it really is a good thing she is so adorable:) So, I thought I'd share a few funny pics from the past month or so of our silly feisty little girl...

She pulled this out of the trashcan when we weren't looking and was going to town eating it quietly one evening in the kitchen...deeelightful.

Every now and then she likes to chill in Ammon's carseat...

And this morning she decided to eat a jelly & cheese biscuit for breakfast. We almost gagged and thought for sure after she took a bite, she'd spit it out. Nope. She ate it. And loved it.

Did you notice how every picture has food in it? She likes food as you can see...ALL kinds...except the kind I want to give her that is, haha. Like I said, a mind of her own...

Friday, August 19, 2011

Summer fun at home

With temps in the triple digits..(all freakin summer!!!) seems like all we've had to do was go to the pool, swimming lessons, playdates, restaurants & a couple of trips to the mall. But most of the time, we were just at home. We found things to do and have kept pretty busy... but I have to admit though, this week has been rough. Its like we've run out of gas...the kids are ready for school! And so am I :) I love em, but they need outta here! Here are a pics of some things that kept us busy at home during the summer...we did have some fun :)

Bendaroos!!! The kids finally got into these this year! We've had them for a couple of years but they never could get the thingies to stick together. Finally, they figured out how to shape them and get them to stick good. And once they got the hang of it, they loved it. This kept them busy for days. I love their creations!

This is a pencil box Cali made at Home Depot with her Daddy(the other girls made them too). She wanted to paint hers herself, so we let her. I thought it turned out beautiful! She told us she painted a rainbow...

One morning the kids decided to do some face painting....this is something they really love to do. It makes them feel like we have a carnival right inside the house!

And the first month of summer was spent puzzling...a LOT. While I was at Wal-Mart one day, I found this boxed set of 12 different puzzles(4-500 piece, 4-300 piece, 4-100 piece) and this kept us VERY busy. It was addicting really. We are puzzle people.

And these are just two cute pics of Ammon and big sis Ella. He loves his sisters...and their braids.

Hope you had a great summer! School starts for us this Monday! Can't believe how fast its already here.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Jewelry from Guam

While we were in Corpus, Joey's parents surprised the girls with very special gifts! As most of you know(or maybe you don't) Joey's family is from Guam. So, yep, I married me a hot Pacific Islander! Don't be jealous.....:) Joey's great great grandfather was a jewelry maker and created a specific design of unique jewelry back on the island long long ago. Joey's parents ordered this pattern on gold bracelets, earrings and rings for the girls last month. The girls were wowed by them and the story behind them! They are very special pieces of jewelry that the girls now have and can treasure always-pieces of their heritage that they will always hold dear. I think its pretty awesome Joey's parents bought these for them! I think it would be neat for my girls to pass them down to their girls someday as well....

And I can't forget little Ammon...he has to be pictured in this post too! Little cousin Shelby loved Ammon. To Shelby and Cali, he is like a little doll to play with and hold:) I loved how Shelby referred to him as "My Ammon" while we were there. She is a sweetie. And I also loved how Shelby and Cali really became buds on this trip.

Ammon jammin...hey, that rhymes!

And Ella and Shelby playing Jenga

I wish we didn't have to live so far away from the grandparents and cousins sometimes :( But we'll treasure the moments we do share forever! I'm glad we at least live within one day's driving distance though. Not too shabby...could be worse I guess. We love and miss you guys!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

We love our pup

Our little Zac turned 2 last week! The kids were so excited to celebrate his special day. We took him with us on a special trip to the pet store to pick him out a new chew toy. He loved going somewhere new and it was fun to have him there with us, after the initial excitement-he is a very easily excited dog! He likes to spin in circles when he is excited. Like a little washing machine:) He only peed on the floor once in excitement(He has that problem. Its one of his only flaws really! One of the workers started to talk to him with a high pitched voice and he got too excited. Oopsies.) He is housebroken though!!

We all agreed that this dragon would be perfect...and it is. Zac looooves his dragon. So much that he bites his butt.

Ammon enjoyed looking at all of the animals in the pet store. It was his first time to go!

Fascinated by the lizards.

At home we decorated cupcakes(for us:) Aubrey decorated the one on the left and Ella decorated the other one. Super cute. And sorry Zac, no chocolate for you. But we did give him extra treats! And we sang him a lovely birthday tune.

The kids and their pup. I'll never regret buying this little guy almost two years ago. Even though sometimes I want to kick him...I love the little guy:) keeding. He honestly is the perfect dog for our family and we all love him lots.

Zac after he blew out his candles(okay, after the kids did:). And yes, he needs the fur around his eyes trimmed. Hahaha. We are bad pet owners. He can barely see. Maybe thats why he keeps running into walls....j/k

Happy Birthday Zachary!!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I'm a pro bowler. Bet you didn't know that.

We spent an afternoon bowling while we were in Corpus and I have to say, I played the best game I've played like, ever! I should join a bowling league:) haha. In all seriousness though, I bowled a 118-it was shocking! I usually get maybe 65! So, this was a rare occasion. It made me happy:) These days I feel like I kinda suck at everything so to get a good score at the bowling alley made my day, week, and maybe even year! :) It was fun to watch the kiddos try their hardest to get the ball down the lane. Shelby and Cali were especially cute. It was Shelby's first time to bowl and big bro Kai walked her out each time and helped her push. It was so sweet. One time(I took a picture towards the bottom) the rude guy that works there actually had to walk out there and get a ball that had gotten stuck. She hadn't pushed quite hard enough I guess:) We laughed. At him. And Cali loved to give high fives and breaktime kisses to Ammon :) It was a really fun afternoon with Joey's fam! And the last shot is proof that I actually got a 118. I still can't believe it :)