Wednesday, August 31, 2011

31st Birthday BASH!

So, today is my birthday. I'm 31 yall!! 31 on the 31st, kinda magical....:) A few of my wonderful amazing awesome friends threw me one of the best birthday parties ever this week! It was at this place called Splitsville-an upscale bowling alley/restaurant. I had never been before and it was so cool! I love these girls and the time and thought they put into everything for this party. I came home feeling all warm and tingly inside:) Thanks Emily for picking such a fun place, making cupcakes and coming up with the FAB idea for a dessert contest(she had everyone bring an individual sized treat and numbers were put on them for me to taste them and choose my favorite 5-winners were on my bowling team-lucky them:) Haha. I stunk up the place! But wow, getting to try like 10 different desserts was so fun! She knows I have a BIIIG sweet tooth:) Sarah, Amanda & Rachel also helped plan the party(and Sarah brought super fun balloons that still have the helium workin today! :) Thank you so so much everyone who helped and everyone that came. I felt so very loved and feel so blessed to have such amazing friends. I love you all!

Me and my girls

Okay, so this was the coolest thing ever. My name on the sign! I was famous for a night! :)

Lookin like a dork but I had to pose in front of our two private lanes and my sign:)

Emily and I-we have become really good friends this year. So grateful for her friendship. She put a lot of time into this despite the fact that she has a little guy that keeps her so busy and is up at night. I'm grateful for the sacrifices you made to do this for me Emily! xoxo
More amazing friends! Melissa, Katie & Sarah have been close friends of mine for years now. The type of friends I can always count on! Love em. And Nadine is one of my newest friends-love her! She was also the winner of the dessert contest. She made the most delicious coconut creme cupcake!

More lovely ladies: Heidi, Rachel & Amanda. Why can't my teeth be as white as theirs? ugh! They are 3 of the most happy sweet people I know!

The dessert/gift table. I'm still full two days later...on top of these desserts I also had cupcakes! Good thing I'm still nursing...Ammon can help get rid of the calories for me:)

Sheri & Amanda. Sheri not only is a great friend from church but also lives just one street over from our family. She is my bud:) And her girls play with my girls-perfect little friends!

Emily brought a sparkler for the cupcakes. It was the BOMB. Loved it. Don't know why I look a little evil in this picture but I do. And no I didn't light my hair on fire like I thought I might. Phew.

Me just being silly with Amanda in my lap...not sure why she climbed up there...she likes me. lol. Oh, and Amanda, stop saying you are not anywhere on my blog. You are all over this. :)

It was a great time I'll never forget! Now I get to enjoy today with my family! My morning didn't start off great(just not enough time in the morning before school for Joey and the kids to do what they wanted for breakfast/ I had a kid in tears(Ella) kid whining(Cali), I got peed on, it was awesome:), but the kids and Joey are making up for it. Joey surprised me with coming home early from work and the kids have made me so many nice things-cards, signs on the walls, hugs:) And are making me a cake as I type!(german chocolate-yummy!) I also was able to eat lunch with Aubrey & Ella today at school too. I brought them cupcakes and that was really fun. I surprised them! Can't wait for Mexican food for dinner, shopping & cake this evening!! Yea for 31!

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Emily said...

I am so glad that you had fun Holly! I told everyone we all needed to show you a good time since you are always giving us all so many fun times with all your girls night out planning, and birthday celebration planning. I am glad you had a fun night with the family too:)