Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Cali loves to color!

For the longest time, Cali had no interest in coloring, drawing, or trying to write. The only thing I could get her to focus on was helping me cook(she loooves that!) and reading with me. Those are two things she has always loved and continues to love. But within the last couple of months, she has finally discovered a love for coloring, drawing, writing and painting. Shes all artistic now! Its so fun to watch her little ideas form and to see how proud she is of what she creates! These are a couple of shots Joey captured after church one Sunday earlier in July...I just found them today. I thought they were precious. This girl loves to do things her own way....


Cynthia said...

Love that Cali girl. I'm impressed with her skilz to color and sit on the table at the same time. I'd most certainly be falling off the table or breaking it one.

flor said...

little kids are so awesome sometimes. they bring light to any day, don't you think?