Friday, August 05, 2011

Farewell Elder

Here are pictures taken the day my brother left on his mish(short for mission: what mormon guys do for two years of their lives-preach and teach the gospel of Jesus Christ) was a day of anxiousness, excitement, worry & joy- all wrapped into one. Not only was he about to leave us for two years but it was also his first time to fly! We are all really proud of his decision to serve! Its a BIG decision that requires a lot of preparation and sacrifice. Two years are devoted to sharing the gospel and its a lot of work. We pray for him every night, that not only will he be able to accomplish this task, but do it well. Return with Honor!!!! There are so many people waiting to hear this message. I know its true, with all of my heart. We love you Austin, er, I mean Elder Smith! And we will miss you very very much over the next two years!! xoxoxoxo

Family picture before we left to the airport. This is us. Right here.

Airport pics. And Cali giving Austin a big hug, unexpected:) Ammon just chillin...having no idea whats going on. How different he'll be when Austin returns!

Saying goodbye :( He looks happy to say goodbye to me, doesn't he? C'mon!!!! :)

Proud Dad

A sweet hug for his Mama. She had the hardest time out of all of us(as I will when I say goodbye to Ammon...just imagining it makes me tear up!)

Our last glimpse of him as he walked away.

And I had to take a picture of this. Not five minutes after we walk away, she is calling him on her cell phone! It was funny..and cute:)

I love my family.

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Mercedes said...

I love the cell picture. How awesome is technology at times?