Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I'm a pro bowler. Bet you didn't know that.

We spent an afternoon bowling while we were in Corpus and I have to say, I played the best game I've played like, ever! I should join a bowling league:) haha. In all seriousness though, I bowled a 118-it was shocking! I usually get maybe 65! So, this was a rare occasion. It made me happy:) These days I feel like I kinda suck at everything so to get a good score at the bowling alley made my day, week, and maybe even year! :) It was fun to watch the kiddos try their hardest to get the ball down the lane. Shelby and Cali were especially cute. It was Shelby's first time to bowl and big bro Kai walked her out each time and helped her push. It was so sweet. One time(I took a picture towards the bottom) the rude guy that works there actually had to walk out there and get a ball that had gotten stuck. She hadn't pushed quite hard enough I guess:) We laughed. At him. And Cali loved to give high fives and breaktime kisses to Ammon :) It was a really fun afternoon with Joey's fam! And the last shot is proof that I actually got a 118. I still can't believe it :)


Marie Rayner said...

Family times are the best of times, and your family has a lot of them. I just love reading about the things you do together and seeing the photos! Congrats on the great score! You did well!! xxoo

Emily said...

That is an awesome score Holly! And you are good at so many things. You and the word suck , do not go together.

Cynthia said...

I'll take that $20 now Holly.