Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Jewelry from Guam

While we were in Corpus, Joey's parents surprised the girls with very special gifts! As most of you know(or maybe you don't) Joey's family is from Guam. So, yep, I married me a hot Pacific Islander! Don't be jealous.....:) Joey's great great grandfather was a jewelry maker and created a specific design of unique jewelry back on the island long long ago. Joey's parents ordered this pattern on gold bracelets, earrings and rings for the girls last month. The girls were wowed by them and the story behind them! They are very special pieces of jewelry that the girls now have and can treasure always-pieces of their heritage that they will always hold dear. I think its pretty awesome Joey's parents bought these for them! I think it would be neat for my girls to pass them down to their girls someday as well....

And I can't forget little Ammon...he has to be pictured in this post too! Little cousin Shelby loved Ammon. To Shelby and Cali, he is like a little doll to play with and hold:) I loved how Shelby referred to him as "My Ammon" while we were there. She is a sweetie. And I also loved how Shelby and Cali really became buds on this trip.

Ammon jammin...hey, that rhymes!

And Ella and Shelby playing Jenga

I wish we didn't have to live so far away from the grandparents and cousins sometimes :( But we'll treasure the moments we do share forever! I'm glad we at least live within one day's driving distance though. Not too shabby...could be worse I guess. We love and miss you guys!


Marie Rayner said...

I love your family times HOlly. They are the best. I wish I lived closer to my own grandchildren. That would be so wonderful. xxoo

Susan said...

How sweet! Your IL's are the BEST!!

You look so excited in that second picture. LoL!

Love the Ammon Jammin one. TOO CUTE!

Emily said...

How cool will that be to pass those on. Love it! Ammon is adorable too!