Saturday, August 13, 2011

We love our pup

Our little Zac turned 2 last week! The kids were so excited to celebrate his special day. We took him with us on a special trip to the pet store to pick him out a new chew toy. He loved going somewhere new and it was fun to have him there with us, after the initial excitement-he is a very easily excited dog! He likes to spin in circles when he is excited. Like a little washing machine:) He only peed on the floor once in excitement(He has that problem. Its one of his only flaws really! One of the workers started to talk to him with a high pitched voice and he got too excited. Oopsies.) He is housebroken though!!

We all agreed that this dragon would be perfect...and it is. Zac looooves his dragon. So much that he bites his butt.

Ammon enjoyed looking at all of the animals in the pet store. It was his first time to go!

Fascinated by the lizards.

At home we decorated cupcakes(for us:) Aubrey decorated the one on the left and Ella decorated the other one. Super cute. And sorry Zac, no chocolate for you. But we did give him extra treats! And we sang him a lovely birthday tune.

The kids and their pup. I'll never regret buying this little guy almost two years ago. Even though sometimes I want to kick him...I love the little guy:) keeding. He honestly is the perfect dog for our family and we all love him lots.

Zac after he blew out his candles(okay, after the kids did:). And yes, he needs the fur around his eyes trimmed. Hahaha. We are bad pet owners. He can barely see. Maybe thats why he keeps running into walls....j/k

Happy Birthday Zachary!!


Marie Rayner said...

Holly you are so funny! Love your little guy. Happy Birthday Zac! What would be do without our pets. They add such a beautiful dimension to our lives!

Mercedes said...

How funny. My sister in law is the same way with her dogs.

Grammy Staffy said...

Happy birthday Zachary. He is surely lucky to be in your family.

Susan said...

Aww, so cute! I love that you gave Zack a birthday party!!