Tuesday, September 06, 2011

31 is mighty fun

I have the BEST family a girl could ask for. Celebrating my 31st was so fun! The morning didn't start off so great..and Joey knew it, so he surprised me and came home from work early(like half way through the day early!!) It made my day-he gave me a good backrub, told me to relax and go shopping, do whatever I wanted. I am spoiled rotten by this guy:) He is the best. We all went out to one of my favorite restaurants, Gloria's, for dinner as a family. I love their chicken fajita chimichangas!! The kids were all PERFECTly well behaved there, a gift in and of itself! Then we went to the outlet mall and I bought myself a few things from The Gap Outlet store-thats what I told Joey I wanted- some shopping money:) And then we went to Watters Creek to walk around and also for me to use my Vera Bradley $20 off a $20 purchase coupon(I always get excited for this coupon to come in the mail!) Then we came home and the kids and Joey had made me a german chocolate cake and decorated for a "Totally 80's" party. And of course, Blue Bell icecream. YUM. It was the perfect evening. I went to sleep with a smile:). Thank you Joey and kiddos for making my 31st birthday so wonderful. I love you more than anything.

Our waiter was so nice and offered to take our picture-we didn't even ask!

The kids loved the pillows on the seats. They thought this place was ultra fancy:) We had never taken them before..we had only gone on a couple of dates here in the past. And of course Ella was extra happy because the pillows were purple. Her ultimate favorite color.

Sweet sisters.

My chimi.

Ella was pretty stoked that when she asked for Ranch dressing, they brought it to her in a little pitcher:)

My free Birthday Flan. So delicious!

Sweet little Ammon playing with his toes at Watters Creek.

Aubrey couldn't resist this...heck, if I had seen it first, I would've done the same. Thata girl. And look at Cali looking so proud of her big sister. We were all so proud...

The men takin it easay.

Yo VIP, lets kick it!

A happy Mom at the end of a perfect evening surrounded by the people she loves the most!


Cynthia said...

Looks like a fun evening was had by all. Glad to see all the fun pictures.

Anonymous said...

Lovely party! Love the theme especially. Super neato! And yes, so proud of Aubrey, LOL. Happy birthday again. Glad your day was special. -Tara

Kim said...

Happy Birthday Holly! Glad you had a great day!

jOeY said...

OK, so i'm catching up on my commenting. :) Happy birthday to you too sexay! I love you!