Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Aubrey's Cupcake Party

We celebrated Aubrey's 10th birthday with a fabulous cupcake decorating party last Saturday. Since Aubrey has taken a couple of classes from our friend and amazing cake decorator/baker Jamie Wing, she has become slightly obsessed with cupcake decorating:) So, I asked Jamie if she would be willing to do a class as a birthday party at our home and she agreed(Aubrey was so so so excited!) We invited 8 of her favorite friends to spend the afternoon with us decorating "summer fun" cupcakes. The cupcakes were the coolest I've ever seen. Jamie had sent us an email with cupcake choices and Aubrey hand selected the cupcake designs, cake flavors, icing flavors and fillings. She had so much fun doing that! And the cupcakes Jamie showed up with were ten times cooler than the ones in the email-she added her own special flare to them. They were wow. I really appreciated the time she put into making these seriously amazing!

The party was great-I didn't have to do a whole lot to prepare other than buy some decor/partyware and decorate(with Aubrey) the actual cupcakes the kids would get to eat(since they would be taking their creations home as favors:) It was a breeze! I was even able to have Ammon napping for half the party and Cali played at a friends house(which maybe sounds mean...but she is too young to do this stuff and would've been crying because hers didn't look as good as the older kids and stuff like that. Not having her there made it much less stressful for all of us and she had more fun I'm sure playing with her buddy, Paisley-Thanks again Nicole!) At the end of the party, Aubrey said it was the best birthday ever. So that meant success. Yea!

One of my best friends, Susan, surprised us with this beautiful hand made banner for the party. She put so much time and work and thought into this-it meant the world to me and Aubrey! She is a wonderful friend and a talented crafter.

Here is Jamie with the girls huddled around during the class.

The girls busy working on their creations.

Pausing to giggle.

And pausing for some sugar...lol

A very happy birthday girl.

This is one of the cupcakes Aubrey and I made together before the party(the ones we sang her happy birthday to and the kids got to eat). I found this really cute idea here.

Time to sing the birthday song. We took off half the umbrellas so as not to catch them on fire and burn the house down.

Time for presents-she received so many cool things! She has some pretty awesome friends & family. She got everything she wanted this year.

Group pics...such cute girls.

Such CRAZY girls :)
Aubrey's finished creations at the end of the party. Aren't they adorable? And yes, the "snocone" is a cupcake inside!


Cynthia said...

Wow what an exciting birthday party I wanted to be there just looking at the pictures. Everyone looked like they had the best time ever. Woot woot way to go mom and dad. I love this idea and thanks for friends who make it all possible. Happy Birthday again there Ms. Aubrey Ann beautiful Aubrey we love you glad it was a perfect day for you. Good Times.

Cynthia said...

P.S. As the song says "You are the Sunshine of our Lives" love ya

Grammy Staffy said...

What a fun birthday party. The cupcakes look so pretty. We had a cake decorating party for Claire a couple of years ago. It was fun but I thought it was a lot of work making all the cakes and the frosting. I am glad that you had a friend to help you and you had an easy time of it. Congrats
I will be leaving Monday on a 2 week cruise. I am not really up to it but I booked the group over a year ago. I am sure I will enjoy it once I get on the ship with my friends. Have a great week. Hugs, Lurap

Emily said...

What an adorable birthday party!!!!! They are super cute in person too ;) Aubrey looks very happy!