Thursday, September 22, 2011

Best friends and babies

My very best friend, Laura, came to visit with her youngest daughter, Vivian, last week. I was so excited when I found out she was coming! She is the one that was pregnant with me last year and we took those cute prego pics. It was super fun to be pregnant together with our number four kiddos. So, she had her baby girl in August last year and then not even a month later, I had Ammon. So, they are super close in age! And I believe they are kinda bethrothed :) Okay, well, if they don't work out, her #2(Brig) and my #3(Cali) could still have a chance... :) I was thrilled these little ones would finally get to meet! And I was excited to meet beautiful Vivian for the first time. She is so cute(And so feisty! Like her Mama:) Ammon could barely keep up with her, lol. She is walking all over the place, but Ammon is still taking his time! We did lots of fun stuff together(next post)!

We decided one evening to take pics at the same place we took pics last year. We thought it'd be fun to compare where we were last year with this year. We got a few great shots and a few hilarious shots I thought I'd share with you....Vivian wanted nothing to do with pics that night but I think that makes for some of the BEST pics of the bunch! :) And I love Ammon's reactions-he just looks over, yawns, no big deal :) You can't have Holly & Laura pics without some laughs! Thanks Joey for being our awesome photographer. And thanks Susan for watching my girls so we could do this more easily!


Moms & babies

Head shots of the cute kids..they both have the most beautiful big dark brown eyes!

More of us smiling and being all best friendy :)

More funny...uh oh Vivians gonna blow!

That looks painful...for mother and child! lol

Here is our "crazy" picture..Vivian smiles while Laura and I look nutso and Ammon looks up like, what the heck is going on?

And this sequence is a crack up.

"I'm outta here."

And I love how Ammon is still posed and smiling :)

As you can see nothing is dull when we are together......


jOeY said...

That photo shoot was a little bit more exciting than the one last year eh? :) You guys all look so cute.

Anonymous said...

great pics, the kids are too precious!

Emily said...

Holly you look so beautiful! I love these pictures!!!!! Joey really is an awesome photographer! My all time favorite is the one where you can feel how much you love Ammon, with your eye closed...

How Sweet It Is-A lifestyle blog said...

Found your family blog.
These are hilarious.
I love it!