Sunday, September 18, 2011

Cutest Kid of the Week: Ella!

I submitted this photo to the Dallas based parent website, Metroplex Baby & Kids, several months ago(maybe even a year ago!) and it finally made it to the "Cutest Kid of the Week" contest a few days ago:) I facebooked about it several times and got lots of family and friends votes. And ta-da... she won! :) I mean, c'mon, she is seriously adorable. Of course she should win! Go Ella! Click here and scroll down to see her featured on their main page. Thanks to everyone who voted!


Rick said...

Way to go Ella! I knew you would win because you are as beautiful on the inside as your are on the outside or is it outside like inside no wait it's sideways as upside down no wait a minute ... oh well I think you know what I mean.

Love you


Emily said...

She really is a perfect mix of you and Joey. Lucky girl to be so pretty and sweet at the same time.