Sunday, October 30, 2011

The State Fair of Texas

I'm a Texan. Born and raised. I've lived here my whole life. So you would think I would have visited the State Fair of Texas before recently, right?! Wrong. We've even lived in the city where its held for the past five years and it took us this long. We could never time it right. It seemed I either had a new baby or the weather was too hot or every Saturday was too jam packed during that time of year.

Anyways, we finally went! And we had so much fun! I must say though that this place is SO EXPENSIVE so if you plan on going next year and you've never been, be prepared to spend your life savings.... :) We had discount coupons that made two of the kids free, but still just to get in was so expensive...and then you have to pay for parking and then each ride costs plus theme park priced food. For our family to ride the ferris wheel(which is the biggest in North America), we had to pay $30. CRAZY. But we figured it was a once in a lifetime thing for us so we splurged and did it. Everytime we have driven through downtown Dallas we have seen that huge ferris wheel and I always thought it'd be cool to be able to say we rode it. Well, we did it(and I have to admit I had a mini panic attack on the way up the first time! I totally freaked. I have a little fear of heights, but I really wanted to do this. I laugh about it now...but I wasn't laughing then! I'm lame. Aubrey was seriously like my mom comforting me the whole way:) And that was the only ride we did...seeing as that to ride any other ride we would shell out close to that much again...and we wanted to eat at some point.

We did enjoy lots of free stuff though: a cool bird show, bmx show, pig races(cute!!), a little pretend farm(Cali & Ella especially loved this-they actually "worked" the play farm and then at the end they earned money and were able to spend it on a real food item-all three thought that part was awesome!), petting zoo area, checking out Big Tex, watching The Bangles perform, checking out the car show, watching the parade, and watching the fireworks/lazer show at the end. We had the state fair corny dogs for dinner that were pretty darn good. Also, the State Fair is known for selling all kinds of crazy fried stuff. We decided to try the fried lemonade and the fried ding dongs. The fried lemonade was SO GOOD. Ding dongs were okay-wouldn't recommend trying that. We were there from 1pm till almost 10pm, thats how much stuff there is to do there. We were beat by the end of the day. This was a good test run for Disneyworld coming up! Wait, I've never even posted about that. We're going! In 25 days! WOOHOO! I need to add one of those cute countdowns to my sidebar:) I have been busy busy planning every detail of our trip and we can't wait to go.

Anyways, enjoy pics of family fun at the fair! Now we can say we are true Texans :)

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Pumpkin Patch Pics

A couple of weekends ago we made our annual trek out to Flower Mound to visit the pumpkin patch. As always, we took a bazillion pictures because, well, our kids are cute :) And mix cute faces with orange pumpkins and you get the most adorable pictures ever! Enjoy the pics! You'll find 4 cute kids, a cute baby next to a pumpkin almost as big as he is, bounce house fun, hayride & mini train ride pics, two rebel boys, kids that won't stop growing, a baby sliding off a pile of pumpkins(daddy did it, haha:) & 3 beautiful flowers.

And can you believe I just had to purchase more storage for my web album? I've been blogging 5 1/2 years and I finally hit my 1 MB limit! Crazy.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Star of the Week: Ella!

Ella was so excited to be her class' Star of the Week last week. She was supposed to bring a posterboard with pictures and captions of things that would tell the class all about her. We had the idea to make a border on her posterboard out of duck tape and it turned out pretty cool! We also had fun selecting pictures to show to her class of trips, family pics, hobbies, pics of her when she was leetle :) Going through the pictures reminded me of what a cutie this girl was and still is. Ella has always been a sweetheart with a beautiful smile and golden heart. She is a wonderful daughter and an outstanding student at school. We just had parent teacher conferences and her teacher said to me, "I wish I could have a class full of Ellas!" That made me smile and when I told Ella later it made her smile too:) Ella captioned all the pictures and selected the "style" and color of her name-purple and fancy-two of her favorite things. When she brought home her poster on Friday, she also came home with notes from all the kids in her class complimenting her. She went through each one and read them outloud to me with the biggest smile(She also read them each outloud to Joey when he got home-she loves to read outloud and wanted to read them over and over. Didn't hurt that everything she was reading were awesome things about her! :) She really enjoyed being a STAR! We love you Ella bean and are proud of you!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Behind the scenes: luau week

I'm going to try and sum up ALL of these pics right here, right now:) Amidst the hard work of the week, we found time to have fun together with both sides of the family. Below are a mix of pictures from: Nana & Tata taking work breaks to play, bbqing with Tata, cutting veggies, sewing with Nana, big sisters helping, Ammon playing, late nights(I was obviously very tired the night of the milk gallon nipple topper...that was a good laugh), dinner with everyone at Gloria's for Nana's birthday, Tara gettin crazy at Gloria's(shes gonna love me for posting this picture!), cute group grandkids/grandma/grandpa shot, Ammon opening his gobs and gobs of presents, we crammed a WHOLE lot into just a few short days! And pulled off a fantastic party too. Cuz we know how to rock yo.