Thursday, October 20, 2011

Behind the scenes: luau week

I'm going to try and sum up ALL of these pics right here, right now:) Amidst the hard work of the week, we found time to have fun together with both sides of the family. Below are a mix of pictures from: Nana & Tata taking work breaks to play, bbqing with Tata, cutting veggies, sewing with Nana, big sisters helping, Ammon playing, late nights(I was obviously very tired the night of the milk gallon nipple topper...that was a good laugh), dinner with everyone at Gloria's for Nana's birthday, Tara gettin crazy at Gloria's(shes gonna love me for posting this picture!), cute group grandkids/grandma/grandpa shot, Ammon opening his gobs and gobs of presents, we crammed a WHOLE lot into just a few short days! And pulled off a fantastic party too. Cuz we know how to rock yo.


Marie Rayner said...

Fun times Holly! Family times are the best of times I think. I loved all the pictures and the smiling faces! xxoo

Emily said...

Looks like fun and work too! I bet you were emotiionally exhausted and physically exhausted too!