Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Goooo Broncos!

Since Aubrey is doing volleyball & piano this fall and Cali is involved in preschool, we thought we'd sign up Ella for something extra (besides piano which she started in July and is LOVING). She came home with a flyer for a Cheer Clinic sponsored by the local HS cheerleaders and we thought it'd be fun for her. 3 hours of cheering, jumping, dancing, a snack, a t-shirt & an opportunity to perform at the upcoming football game. Sounded like a party!(and it was:)She was really excited to do it and had a lot of fun with it! She is a little bit shy but I saw her come out of her shell a little bit:) It was really good for her and I'm glad we put her in...not that I want my daughter to become a cheerleader(honestly, no thanks) but if she ever decides thats an interest, we'll support her. Just not that crazy competitive stuff. We did this mostly for fun and to give her a self esteem boost. And fun she had. GO BRONCOS! :) Thats what she had so much fun saying over and over again :) Below are pics from the parent show-off the day of the clinic and also of the football game. And btw, this was the first football game we have ever taken our kids too! They loved it. It was a fun night.

Go Ella! She was the cutest little cheerleader out there :) And she was so proud of herself for performing at the game. She was even a "flyer" once: one of the girls at the top that fall into a cradle at the bottom. She was sooo proud of doing that and couldn't stop talking about it:) Shes braver than me...


Grammy Staffy said...

Yea Ella!!! I bet she was the cutest one on the team. None of my girls were interested in cheering until just before Erin's senior year when she decided to try out for varsity cheer leader. I didn't have much hope for her since she attended a large school where lots of girls tried out. She had not been in the system as a jv cheer leader and was trying for varsity the first thing. However, she made the team and really enjoyed it her senior year. The team had some drama going on but Erin took it in stride and was a good example for the girls. Maybe Ella will do the same one day.

We are back from our cruise. We had an hour lay over in Houston on the way home. I was sending Hello Texas vibes and hugs to you the whole time I was there... did you feel them coming your way last Tuesday evening?

Have a great week. Hugs, Lura

Marie Rayner said...

Why she is just the cutest little cheerleader ever! How sweet! I don't think cheerleading is as big in Canada or over here as it is in the US. It looks very competitive and I'm not sure I would really want my girls getting into it either, although like you if it was what they wanted I would surely support them too. Love you loads dear friend. I still think you and Joey are the best parents ever! xxoo