Thursday, November 17, 2011

Ella's First Piano Recital aka Recital 2011

Ella started taking piano lessons this past July and is a great little student. She is soooo good at making sure she practices lots and gets me to sign off her practice sheet each time. She is learning quick and loving it! She takes from the same teacher Aubrey goes to and I've been really happy with their experiences in piano so far! She and Aubrey participated in the annual piano recital a couple of weeks ago(I'm a little behind in my bloggage...) and they did fantastic. It takes courage to do anything in front of a crowd and I am always so proud when they do it. I love that the teacher has them stand and introduce their pieces before they play. And after they play, they take a bow :) Its so cute. And great practice for public speaking and getting up in front of a big crowd(and this crowd is a good size!) I think its so important for kids to learn young to play an instrument(so great for their little minds! And I know I'm grateful my parents had me take lessons!) and to get experiences with things like public speaking, talking on the phone, ordering at a restaurant, etc. Then, hopefully, they won't be as awkward/afraid later on in life! They are naturally a little bit shy so things like this are awesome experience for them. Anyways, here are pictures from the day and I'm also going to try and post videos next of their pieces. You'll notice while Ella plays she is standing...she didn't even realize it. It was so cute. She forgot to sit until half way through her performance:) And the picture of her holding soap with pure excitement is because thats what she bidded on at the piano auction and won(she is totally obsessed with these lately! ha!) And you'll also notice that Aubrey is wearing a volleyball uniform in the last picture and is missing from the piano students/teacher group shot. Basically this was one of the craziest Saturdays EVER...piano recital...volleyball tournament for half the day(future post)...all scheduled at the same time...and then in the evening was the fall festival...which I was even in charge of a booth for. I guess the more kids you have, the busier you get...and we plan on having MORE! I guess we better hold on tight...and just enjoy the crazy ride:) This is only the beginning...

These girls are so lucky to have this handsome dude as their Daddy.

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Grammy Staffy said...

Wow...what a busy day ... and what accomplishments. I am so proud of your girls and of you. Keep up the good work. Happy Thanksgiving. Hugs, Lura