Saturday, November 12, 2011

Preschool Fun

Cali LOOOOOVES preschool. She wishes it was every day! I love that. And I know its because she goes to the best school around, Little Saints School. I have to give them a shout out here because they are so wonderful. The best ladies work here! They love these kids, love their jobs and you feel it. Cali loves her teacher, Ms. Ellen, and we do too! And the director of the school, Jill, is amazing. They have such great programs and lots of fun! I am picky when it comes to just about everything(we have switched dentists I don't know how many times...and obgyns...don't even get me started:) I have no complaints here and this is our second child to attend. So theres my Little Saints plug(and no, this isn't a paid advertisement:) We love Little Saints!

Last month they had a "fun walk/run" fundraiser. It was the cutest thing to watch these kids run their little hearts out! The staff played fun music and the teachers and director ran with them. Cali had a blast! She actually fell and scraped her chin on the concrete but that didn't stop her one bit. No tears, no nothin. She just kept going! It was a pretty bad scrape too! Poor kid, but she was totally fine. Thats my girl :) Shes our toughie. Here she is walking with Ms. Jill, taking water breaks, getting her laps marked, taking a break to hug Ammon & a pic of her smiling when she was all done. Look at that big proud smile!

And then for Halloween, they had a costume parade(so cute) and a party where they were able to smack the crud outta a pinata, eat pizza & enjoy cookies. Cali was so so excited for this party. She woke up that morning while I was downstairs and I heard a shout. I thought someone wasn't happy/fighting and when I went upstairs Aubrey told me that as Cali was waking up she shouted, "Todays my preschool parttyyyy!!!" while half asleep(but quite awake enough to know exactly what day it was!). That made us all laugh:) She had so much fun. I'm so happy she is loving life in preschool! And we are so proud of how well she is doing. She is a great student and a good friend to others. And she is the friendliest kiddo. She always hugs her teacher goodbye and greets her with a big "Hi Ms. Ellen!" and a smile. I've never had a child so outgoing. She is funny about who she is outgoing with- she is selectively outgoing, sometimes shy:) I've heard her teacher call her "my sweet Cali." That makes me happy. Its so true how we find some of the biggest joys in life through our kiddos-when they are happy, it makes us so happy too.


Marie Rayner said...

What a little sweetie pie Cali is, but then again how can she NOT be. Look at her older sisters and her mum! Let's face it, she can't be anything other than wonderful! xxoo

Grammy Staffy said...

Your Cali is such a doll. I am glad that she loves her teacher and her preschool. Thanks for the great pictures.
How are you doing my dear? I am sure that your precious family keeps you busy. I am doing much better but still not back to normal... but I shouldn't complain.
Have a good week. Love, Lura

-Melissa- said...

Love little saints and we love Ms. Ellen. She is the sweetest teacher. Glad Cali is enjoying school.