Monday, December 19, 2011

Disneyworld: Day 3

We spent our third day at Epcot. Surprisingly, Epcot held two of our kids favorite rides: Test Track(which was the #1 ride in Aubrey and Ella's book) and the Spaceship Earth I mentioned a couple of posts ago(thats the ride inside the big Epcot golfball:) Another favorite here was the Finding Nemo ride-its pretty cute. And we also had a fun experience at "Turtle Talk with Crush." Ella was one of two kids chosen out of the audience and Crush talked to her. It was so cute-she was so shy but did a great job answering his questions and felt ultra cool for getting chosen. And then Crush asked where her parents were and Joey and I got spotlighted too!(and Joey had to answer some questions but not me-hehe:)

We started off our day with Test Track and Soarin(which is one of my personal favorites). While I did Soarin with the older two, Joey did a cute little photo shoot with our Snow White aka Cali and Mr. Ammon. Those are the first two pics below-they are sooo cute! After we did parent swap with those rides, we went and had brunch in Norway at the Akershus Princess character meal. This was another favorite. The girls got to meet and get autographs from five princesses! They thought that was awesome. Ella and Cali(thanks to the Stromness' for letting us borrow these) even wore princess dresses. So cute! Cali was so funny. She freaked out about something but then everything was right again when she ran up to the front of the "princess parade"  thus cutting in front of a bunch of kids and walked alongside Princess Aurora for the parade. She forced her way as the "line leader." hahaha. Who does that kid belong to? Little booger :) You'll see in the pictures below.

The older girls had a lot of fun with the "Kim Possible" experience. Its sorta an undercover mission kind of thing where they were given a "communicator"(looked like a cell phone..Aubrey loved that since she is dying to have one) and had to complete a mission by finding clues around Epcot. When they would find the clue, whatever they found did something. It was pretty cool. It definitely made exploring the countries of Epcot more fun for them. And then at the end of their mission this crazy looking robot called a "killer bebe" popped out of nowhere in this souvenir shop with red crazy eyes and smoke. Well, to be funny I said something like, "Oh no, run everyone!" And well, Cali thought I was serious and I guess I traumatized her for life. We all ran out jokingly, but she ran for her life. I really felt bad!After that she said to me, "I never want to go to Disneyworld again because that killer baby freaked me out!!" It was so funny. But she still talks about it...and dreams about it. Oopsie.

Oh, and I had a hard time squirting out sunscreen. Joey was a gem and took a picture of that...I'm weak yall.

And we happened to walk by Daisy when no one had found her yet. No line! We just walked right up to her and got her autograph and picture. It was who Aubrey wanted to meet the most so she was really happy :) That made her day.

We ended the day at Chef Mickey's. It was fun to see all the main characters dressed in chef attire and since we had such a late meal there were barely any people there. We had lots of interaction and fun with all the characters! Pluto and Goofy were especially playful and funny. Made for a lot of laughs for the kids. Surprisingly there was a lot of fun to be had at our day at Epcot, even with 4 young children!

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Marie Rayner said...

What a fun time you all had!! That Aubrey is so much like you and poor wee Ammon looks a tiny bit unsure about Goofy!! I have enjoyed this so very much! xxoo