Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Disneyworld: Day 4

We spent day 4 at Disney's Animal Kingdom park. I would say out of all the parks, this one has the least to do(for our family anyways). Its still a really fun place, but my kids even liked Epcot more which was surprising. A lot of this place is "zoo-ish" which is fun but when I'm at Disney I want to do more Disney things so animal exhibits didn't really appeal to me as much. Ya know? I can take my kids to the zoo any time. But this place definitely has the Disney feel and has lots and lots to do.

We started off our day on a "safari." The most memorable part of that adventure was Ella's face when the giraffe right beside us started to pee. Her eyes were so huge and she couldn't stop saying, "I can't believe that giraffe just peed right beside us!!!" It was hilarious. And I'm so glad we went in the morning when the animals were awake and active. Some of them were even eating breakfast. It was awesome! Our favorite show at this park was the Finding Nemo musical. It was amazing! Hands down the best show we saw. The people involved were sooo talented because not only did they have to sing, but they had to maneuver the characters with their hands(their mouths and their tails) and know the speaking parts as well. And the scenery, costuming and props were incredible. I was really wowed by this show! The Festival of the Lion King was also very good. We got there early and got a seat toward the front and I had all the kids in their "ears" looking all cute. One of the workers came up to them and talked about how cute they were and asked if they would help her with something. They then had the job of helping her get the crowd going before the show. Cali chickened out but Aubrey and Ella were introduced to the crowds and helped the worker get the crowd going by demonstrating the hand jive. They were really excited to get picked, though a little bit shy at first :) Afterwards, the lady gave them certificates from "Camp Mickey" and "First time to Disneyworld" pins. They felt very special! I know they won't forget that.
We also had fun exploring the area around the Tree of Life and just staring at the tree trying to see how many different animals we could find. The kids also enjoyed the spinning dinosaur ride and the "boneyard" which is basically just a play area. We let Joey be a man and go on Expedition Everest and Dinosaur. He was the only one brave enough to go on those:) Lucky for me, the play area wasn't too far from those rides. The girls had a lot of fun burning off some energy while we waited. And the weather on this day was perfection. 70 degrees and sunny. We also had fun watching the Jingle Jungle Parade. You'll have to see the pics below because I captured a wonderful shot of this woman screaming beside my girls-it is hilarious. I guess she was reeeeally into it:) The park closed early that day(it closes earlier than the other parks-5pm) and then we went to our hotel for a break before "Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party" at the Magic Kingdom which I had purchased separate tickets to.

The Christmas party is an event where they hold special holiday shows and parades, serve unlimited hot cocoa and cookies, special nighttime spectacular, special character meet n greets, dance parties, etc. We decided to splurge and buy tickets for it since this is probably the only time ever we would be at Disneyworld during Christmas time. It was a really fun night despite the fact that this was of course the chilliest windiest night of our visit to Florida. That was a bummer. But the kids survived:) Joey captured a picture of Ella holding my hand whistling a tune even. So, though they were pretty cold(thank goodness I packed coats, gloves and hats!) we still had a blast. Aubrey says that was one of her best memories: freezing and huddled together waiting for the Christmas parade to start with our hot cocoa:) The parade itself made it worth the tickets for me. It was such a magical Christmas parade. I loved it! It really made me feel the Christmas spirit! Such a neat way to kick off the Christmas season for our family this year. Oh, and I can't forget, the kids got to go to a "dance party" with the characters from Toy Story. They jammed all night with Woody and Jessie-it was fun.Woody had some pretty rockin dance moves.

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Oh my! That strange lady's face is hilarious! !!!! And love all the family pics too. Fun fun