Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Disneyworld: Day 5

We spent a second day at the Magic Kingdom riding lots and lots of rides. Favorites of the day were Thunder Mountain Railroad(Aubrey & Ella both loved it. Well, Ella said her wrist was hurting afterwards from holding on so tight:), Pirates of the Carribean, Jungle Cruise and the Magic Carpets of Aladdin. Cali was very excited to ride the "beds" as she kept calling them:) The kids also thought the Swiss Family Robinson treehouse was really neat(but they've never seen the movie, I guess we should watch it! Well, with the older two...the pirates and shooting might freak out Cali) I always look forward to Pirates-its one of my personal favorites:) One of my favorite memories of the day was enjoying a Dole Whip pineapple orange frozen yogurt in the afternoon. It was deeelightful. And another favorite memory was watching the kids try and cross this rickety bridge on Tom Sawyer island-hahaha. I especially loved watching Aubrey who is our cautious child:) It was funny. The weather today was another gorgeous day-we really lucked out with the weather on most of the trip. One rainy day and one cold night out of six days total isn't bad!

We ate an early dinner at the Crystal Palace with Pooh & Friends. We had a great server(who complimented how good our kids were at the end of the meal-even after I had already paid:) so he got two thumbs up:) He just couldn't believe we had 4 kids that sat down and ate food and weren't running around like crazy. Its always nice to get a compliment on your kids:) Cali would not get near Eeyore or too close to Pooh but was soooo excited to meet Piglet. You'll see in one picture she didn't mind getting close to him at all and even decided to rub his costume...hahaha. She even warmed up to Tigger. We never knew with her who was going to freak her out and who she was going to love. We had a great time there meeting everyone from the hundred acre woods. And the girls also had a great time making rings out of ice, which also made for two awesome pictures:)

And we ended the night watching the famous Main Street Electrical Parade. You can't visit Disneyworld and not go to this parade! We were really sad on this day to leave the Magic Kingdom for good. Its definitely our favorite place!

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