Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A boy, a book and his Mama

Ammon is a boy who looooves to read(or to be read to I guess I should say:) He will sit in my lap for a long time listening to stories and pointing to pictures. He will even show you where things are like balls, dogs and birds(3 of his favorite things). Every time I get him ready for bed, he says "boo, boo, boo" until I pick out a book. Its our routine and I love it. I treasure these precious moments with my sweet boy. One evening I was reading to him just for fun and Joey saw the "mother/son moment" and captured it with his camera. I'm grateful I have a husband that sees the moments I see as special and takes the time to get the camera out. I have two pretty wonderful guys in my life.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Look who's walking!

On January 20th(which happens to also be one of my little brothers birthdays-he did it for you Austin!! :), Ammon decided to finally walk. We were wondering when he'd finally do it! He'd been teasing us for months:) I knew he had it in him but he seemed to think it was funny when he'd stand alone and we'd get excited and then he would plop down on the floor and laugh. Little booger:) Here is some video Joey caught of that exciting night...everyone was so happy. I'll never forget the girls faces and how excited they were for their little brother. They even got out their own little cameras to video and take their own pictures:)

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Ella's Baptism Day: January 14, 2012

Ella had a wonderful baptism day. On January 14, 2012, she was baptized a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. We were very grateful to both sets of grandparents(and Uncle Mark!) for coming for this special day. This is right up there with wedding day in our eyes so its really important to our family! And we are also so grateful to the friends that took the time out of their day to share it with us as well. Thank you!

So why is baptism so important? We believe that baptism is the very first step in returning to live back in the presence of our Heavenly parents and Jesus Christ. Without baptism, you can't return back home. And by being baptized, you are following the example of the Savior when he lived on the Earth. He showed us the way in all things. So we are very proud of Ella for making this choice!! She is such a good example of righteousness to her family and friends. 

Joey did a wonderful job baptizing her and confirming her a member. He always gives the best blessings. He is such an amazing dad! Afterwards a few friends, along with our family, celebrated with a light meal and cake. It was lots of fun. And Ella was also blessed with special gifts from family members and friends. Nana & Tata gave her a beautiful personalized piece of artwork from my good blog friend, Marie, who lives in England. It was perfect!! Looked just like Ella, even down to the dress she wore. My mom made Ella a beautiful wrist corsage and bought & personalized her baptism book for her-she did such a great job. It turned out so cute!! We bought her a James Avery charm bracelet and charm(this is what we've decided to do for the girls for their baptism day). First charm will always be "CTR" and then through the years we'll buy them special charms that are specific to them. They love it!

I know this was a special day Ella will always remember.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Ella's Baptism Photo Shoot

This past month has been such a big month for Ella! Her birthday, first basketball game and her baptism! It was her month to shine. Joey and Ella went on a little photo shoot date back in early December(we were lucky with a Saturday late afternoon that wasn't super cold! Still a little chilly & windy for a girl in a sleeveless dress, but she survived:). When they came home and Joey showed me the pics, I was wowed. I loved them! Not only is Ella a beautiful subject, but Joey is a talented photographer. And I was so happy with the dress we ordered for her, isn't it gorgeous? My favorite pics are the one of her in front of the stone bridge(Joey said it was quite the hike to get over to it but worth it as it ended up being our announcement picture) and the one of her facing the water with the sun glowing all around her. We are so blessed to have Joey around! :) Free awesome pictures for our kiddos! Thanks Joey. You da bomb. Enjoy these beautiful photos of our beautiful daughter Ella...and I also had to include a cute one of her yawning. Being a model is hard work :)

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Ella told us last month that she wanted to try out basketball. Joey and I weren't really sure it would be her "thang" but what the heck, gotta let kids try what they wanna try!(well other than dope or something:)  She started practices in December and just really loves to dribble and shoot. And she is becoming a very good dribbler! We are really happy with her coach, Coach James-hes a good coach and a good guy. Not one of those that yells all the time and gets too into it. You can tell he loves coaching and wants to help the kids learn and have fun. And of course he has a daughter on the team too.

Ella's first game was against the hardest team in the league, the "Hot Shots"(and they are very good and act like little hot shots too...arg) Poor Ella-she had never played a basketball game in her life...or much less even watched one! So she looked so worried and unsure of what to do during the game. It was so hard to watch! I thought after the game she would cry, but she didn't. They lost really bad and she looked scared the whole time, but she was okay. She is a trooper. And she was ready for practice and the game the following weekend. I prayed the morning of her second game that it would go better. Family was in town for her baptism that evening and she was worried that they would see her not do very well. So I prayed hard. And my prayers(and hers and Joeys:) were definitely answered. Their team won! And not only that, she looked confident and did so much better..and even BETTER: she scored!!!!!!!!!!! And I even caught it on video, suh-weet. I'll try to upload it here soon. So, I seriously had to fight back tears when she made that basket. I was just so happy for her. After seeing her first game and the fear and disappointment in her eyes and then to see her so proud and happy, made me sooo happy:) I was thankful that day she was able to shine, especially in front of her grandparents! And I was so grateful that our prayers for Ella were answered.

She is having a great season and is learning so much. She is surprising us with her determination to try hard and get the ball. I didn't think she had any aggressiveness in her(she is just a mellow kiddo) but she does! We are very proud of you Ella!!! So glad you are having fun and improving each week!!

The first four pics are from her first game. As you can see she is one of the point guards(is that what they are even called still? She dribbles:) The last two are from after her second VICTORIOUS game! Lots of smiling faces that day.

Thursday, January 05, 2012

Christmas Morning 2011

We had a wonderful Christmas morning here at home. The kids had lots of smiles and surprised faces. Lots of "whoa!"s  which is what Mommy & Daddy enjoy most:) Aubrey's big gift was an Ipod nano-her first Ipod ever:) She also got a wristband to wear it like a watch-its pretty awesome! Ella's was a basketball hoop(she just started basketball which I'll post about soon!)  Whats funny is that it took her minutes to even notice it was in the room. Joey and I were laughing. And Cali's big item was a "kid tough" camera. She has been taking hilarious pictures non-stop. Ammon's I guess "big" thing was a soft "Cars" chair to chill in and read books/watch tv/whatever he wants. He prefers to just stand on and climb all over it though. And Zac seems to think its his too...they get in arguments over it...:) The kids also received a G-Slate which is a tablet where they can take turns playing games, working on homework, watch movies etc. Its already been really useful, especially on our car trip to Corpus recently. Favorite memories of the day were Joey and Ammon playing with a lightsaber together(Joey is so happy to have a boy to enjoy Star Wars stuff with:), Joey plugging in the Ipod and Aubrey's face so excited as it turned on, Ella completing her stuffed animal family with a "daddy tiger" as she requested and Cali trying to take pictures of "Zac's butt." Such a lady. So it looks like the kids were pretty good this year...Santa didn't leave coal. I was surprised he didn't with one of our kids...who will remain nameless :) hehe. Enjoy the pictures...