Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A boy, a book and his Mama

Ammon is a boy who looooves to read(or to be read to I guess I should say:) He will sit in my lap for a long time listening to stories and pointing to pictures. He will even show you where things are like balls, dogs and birds(3 of his favorite things). Every time I get him ready for bed, he says "boo, boo, boo" until I pick out a book. Its our routine and I love it. I treasure these precious moments with my sweet boy. One evening I was reading to him just for fun and Joey saw the "mother/son moment" and captured it with his camera. I'm grateful I have a husband that sees the moments I see as special and takes the time to get the camera out. I have two pretty wonderful guys in my life.


Marie Rayner said...

Holly, these are beautiful photos. What a treasure. I have many fond memories of reading stories to my own children. I hope that they do too.

the duchess said...

Three cheers to Moms who read to their kids! Hip, hip, hurray!

jOeY said...

These are some of the moments we may forget. Thanks for blogging so many great memories.