Sunday, December 18, 2011

Disneyworld: Day 2

The second day we spent at the Magic Kingdom(which of course is our favorite park!) We woke up bright and early for our character breakfast at Ohana at the Polynesian Resort. That was one of our favorite character meals! A fun atmosphere-that hotel is beautiful! Maybe if we are rich someday, we can stay there next time:) I also loved that the dining was family style instead of buffet. When you are doing a character meal that is a buffet, you always have the worry that you'll miss one of the characters while you are up getting your food. So, its nice when you have all the food at your table and a server that just keeps filling it all up.

After a delicious meal and fun with Lilo & Stitch, we took the monorail over to the Magic Kingdom for a wonderful day. I think the kids favorite rides of the day were Peter Pan, It's a Small World and the teacups. We had a "fun" experience on the Haunted Mansion. I took Aubrey and Ella(Ella was scared but decided she wanted to go for it). She was doing so good until the ride came to a complete stop during the scariest part-the graveyard where scary skeleton heads pop up sporadically from behind tombstones. We sat there for minutes before it started moving again while every minute a head would pop up and scream at us. Poor girl! She did not like that, but luckily I was hugging her the whole time(as workers even ran by us from outta nowhere-that kinda freaked me out!) Another "not so favorite" for Ella was Space Mountain. She swore she wanted to go on that ride and well, it scared the crap outta her. We felt so bad! But she is brave, we'll give her that! Her and Aubrey both went on it for the first time. And thankfully it didn't scar her for life enough not to go on any other coasters(she still went on Thunder Mountain railroad a couple of days later-that was more her pace:). And even though it was a bit fast for Aubrey, she still went on it again with Joey so that he didn't have to go alone(she is so thoughtful like that). We were really proud of the older two for conquering all 3 mountains this year(they did Splash Mountain with Joey). Cali loved the carousel, which is what I took her on while Joey took the older two to Splash Mountain. It was fun to do something together with just me and the littles. But I think Cali's all time favorite ride of the day was the people mover. She just loved that ride! We rode on it in the evening and it was the perfect ride for her(and for all of us-its pretty long and a nice break for your feet:)

On this day, we also bought the kids personalized mickey ears/hats. Aubrey picked out Goofy ears, Ella picked out brightly colored Mickey ears, Cali picked out Princess Minnie ears and we picked out the classic black Mickey ears for Ammon. He was ADORABLE in his little ears!! They were all super cute.

One of the neatest things about visiting Disneyworld at Christmas time is the Cinderella castle at night. They have it lit with thousands and thousands of lights. Its seriously breathtaking! We took a couple of pics but it was all rainy and so the pictures don't do it justice(and thank goodness this was the only day it rained!)

After checking out the castle and watching fireworks, we visited the candyshop on the way out. Pretty much the perfect ending to the day(in Cali's eyes especially...)

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Kim said...

I read day 1 and I meant to comment, but it was late and I was tired and it didn't happen. It's been fun to read your blog and have you relive the first 3 days of your vacation. Your family looks like they had a blast!