Sunday, January 15, 2012

Ella's Baptism Photo Shoot

This past month has been such a big month for Ella! Her birthday, first basketball game and her baptism! It was her month to shine. Joey and Ella went on a little photo shoot date back in early December(we were lucky with a Saturday late afternoon that wasn't super cold! Still a little chilly & windy for a girl in a sleeveless dress, but she survived:). When they came home and Joey showed me the pics, I was wowed. I loved them! Not only is Ella a beautiful subject, but Joey is a talented photographer. And I was so happy with the dress we ordered for her, isn't it gorgeous? My favorite pics are the one of her in front of the stone bridge(Joey said it was quite the hike to get over to it but worth it as it ended up being our announcement picture) and the one of her facing the water with the sun glowing all around her. We are so blessed to have Joey around! :) Free awesome pictures for our kiddos! Thanks Joey. You da bomb. Enjoy these beautiful photos of our beautiful daughter Ella...and I also had to include a cute one of her yawning. Being a model is hard work :)


Rick said...

She is beautiful.. inside and out.

the duchess said...

What a princess. Your kids are growing up so fast.