Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Uh oh...

Ammon is starting to climb things. Joy.
And pay no attention to the mess that is our office... :)

Sunday, February 26, 2012

I felt the baby!

I felt the baby move for the first time the morning of February 22nd! I woke up to a flutter and knew it was him/her. So exciting!!! Now I'm feeling the kicks a few times a day, usually in the evenings when I lay down. Its so reassuring to feel and know the baby is alive and kickin in there:) We can't wait for March 28th-sonogram day! I'm dying to know if this kid is a boy or girl. On one hand, Ammon needs a brother. We plan on having two more kids so I really really hope one of them is a boy! On the other hand, another girl will even up the girl number. Either way, we'll be psyched! I'm leaning toward hoping for a boy(I know I shouldn't say that) for Ammon's sake and for current room situation, but I have a feeling its a girl. Another bestie for me:) The heartbeat is fast and I've heard/read that girls heartbeats are generally faster in the womb. I do love these girlies. And this boy is a treasure. We shall see....we are just thrilled to have another addition to the family, boy or girl!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Valentine's Day 2012 and our crappy date night that ended okay :)

I told Joey that this year for Valentines Day all I wanted was a bundt cake from Nothing Bundt Cakes and to go watch a movie with him. We don't get to go to the movies very often these days so I thought it'd be fun. tell me if you think this was fun:) A couple of days before Valentine's he and I went to the movies and watched The Vow(total chick flick but hes a real man that indulges his wife:) We don't do babysitters often. Seriously, we have paid a babysitter less than five times. I'm paranoid about it. And I'm cheap. In the past I've done swaps with friends of mine and its been nice: free and an adult I trust. Also, a lot of the time we seem to have a newborn I'm still nursing and that makes date nights impossible. So, to us, this is a rare thing. So of course, this night, had to be a night where Ammon wouldn't go to sleep before we left. I tried to calm him and get him down(which cost us time) but he never really would. So we left hoping he would fall asleep. So we arrived at the movie late and missed the first few minutes-suckity! I was stressed as we arrived at the movies. 20-30 minutes into it, I got a call from a panicked Aubrey. She said he had been crying. And that he cried and cried. The sitter went in to hold him and try to calm him down and he made himself throw up on her! Poor girl. Good thing she has little siblings so it wasn't too horrifying for her, but I felt really bad!  I told Joey we should go home. Then the sitter got on the phone and said things were fine, he was happy now and they changed his clothes and that she could just play with him for the last hour. So, basically, I didn't get to enjoy the movie as much as I would've liked. And we missed a big chunk of it in the beginning and during the phonecall outside of the theatre while I debated going home or not. But I think it was probably a good movie? Haha. So thats what happened. And Ammon loved playing with the sitter so it was all good in the end. And no, he wasn't sick, he just gags himself sometimes. Little booger. We did enjoy the last hour of the movie though. I knew Ammon was fine(he was partying it up with an older woman late at night, so of course he was happy-lol) Overall, it was nice to get away just Joey and I. Despite the stress Mr. Ammon caused:)

On actual Valentine's I made the kids a surprise pancake breakfast complete with heartshaped pink pancakes. This was before school and honestly during the week I don't usually make big breakfasts since its so early in the morning, so it was a special treat! In the evening, we took the kids out to our "fancy" dinner at Macaroni Grill. They were all perfectly behaved and it was truly an enjoyable dinner together. We are very blessed with such well behaved kiddos!! Afterwards, we all ate delicious pieces of heaven-bundlets(we decided to buy bundlets for not only ourselves but as little Vday gifts for the kiddos too). They were totally thrilled! They know these cakes are divine. The kids all made us and each other handmade cards and gifts. It was a night of family love and togetherness. I love Valentine's Day! Its all about love.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Valentine's Dance

We always love to go to the kids elementary school Valentine's Dance each year. This year's had a 50's theme(which I didn't realize until the day of) and I was able to manage, through the beauty of Facebook, to borrow a couple of adorable poodle skirts for Aubrey & Ella to wear last minute. They looked so cute!! We all went as a family and had a great time. The older girls ran around with their friends while Cali indulged in eating cookies most of the night. Okay, we all had our fair share of cookies:) Ammon just looked all around at the craziness of it all and wasn't sure what to think. Good times...

Friday, February 17, 2012

Poi Posse

Last year, as an Activity Days leader in church, I helped our girls perform in a stake cultural event. Our group chose the Pacific Island as our culture to share. I helped the girls make a million poi balls and taught them some mad poi skillz I had learned from a friend of mine growing up(she had lived in New Zealand) Then they performed in front of the stake activity day girls at the stake activity. It was so fun and they did so good! That led Aubrey and I to the idea of doing something similar for the school talent show this year. Honestly, when the talent show came around, I was hoping Aubrey would forget:) I wasn't feeling good at all in the first two months of pregnancy(heck, I'm still not feeling great, but improved) and we had just put our house on the market, so life was difficult. But when she told me about it and how badly she wanted to do it, I couldn't say no. And this is probably her last year at this school so I thought she should go out with a bang:) Our new idea for this show was to make the balls glow in the dark somehow. And then we thought of black light. With the help of Joey(he bought the ginormous black light, cut the music cd, and zip tied neon socks to our poi balls from last year-thanks babe!), we got everything ready. Aubrey called a few of her school friends and formed a "poi posse" as they named themselves. Her and I spent a couple of hours figuring out the choreography and song(We picked "We Found Love" by Rihanna which had a perfect beat! Really fun!) We had a few practices at our home and then one final one at our church gym. It really came together. When the night of the show came, I was a little bit nervous. This was my baby:) We had all worked hard on it. But I knew they had practiced hard and would do great. And they did! They were the opening act out of the two hour show and really started the show off right. The crowd was cheering and clapping and the girls were so proud. I was so proud! They were the coolest most creative act of the night(Okay, I'm biased but it was awesome:) All the lights were out and the poi balls looked so amazing glowing in the dark! Everyone was talking about it afterwards and it brought me joy to see how big Aubrey & Ella were smiling(Ella had a special role as well:) I'm going to try to include a link to the video clip. It may not work anymore, but oh well, here are at least pictures if it doesn't! The last couple of pictures are from the pizza party we had the next week at our house. It was time to celebrate! And my good friend Susan, whose daughter performed with Aubrey, brought cupcakes from my new favorite cake shop, Nothing Bundt Cakes. YUM!

The poi ballers dressed in all black(so you could only see the balls glowing) and Ella was this funny little character glowing bright that would run out and dance periodically. She also had a mask on that gave her this funny face. She was a hit!

At the end, they turned around as the "BOOM!" sound effect Joey added sounded. The neon duck tape letters glowed really bright! And Ella threw glowing confetti. It was pretty cool!

A sweet surprise from Joey afterwards...

 Party time!

In the end, I was really glad we did it. And really proud of all of the girls!! The hard work and sacrifices I had to make paid off as they made a memory that night they will never forget.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Bring on 2012

Okay, I'm backtracking a little bit here:) I forgot to recap New Years!

Not to be a downer, but 2011 wasn't really the best year. The deaths of two loved ones tainted the year...along with other disappointments. It wasn't a horrible year, but wasn't a great one either. I am grateful though for some of the good times and the fact that we are healthy and safe. I am also grateful we were able to end the craptastic year with a wonderful family vacation. That was awesome :)

So I've been looking forward to 2012..hoping for a better year. And so far, so good!  Right before 2011 ended, we received news that T-Mobile was no longer being purchased by AT&T...which meant more job security for us... and a retention bonus of a big wad o cash! We didn't want to be part of AT&T because, well, we love T-Mobile!! And with mergers come lay offs so it made us nervous all this past year. To finally get news of whats happening was a relief. We didn't know for a long time if the deal was gonna close. This was a part of the reason we pulled our home off the market last year, the uncertainty of this merger. Who knows what the future holds currently, but for now, things are good. And in December, as you know, found out we are expecting our fifth child this summer. And right as the new year was about to ring in, Joey got a really big promotion! He is the new Principal Engineer in his group of engineers. I'm so proud of him! These were all the things that made us feel like it is time to get our house back on the market. We are ready now! And we are definitely in need with another little one coming our way. I'm grateful the Lord let us know last year that it wasn't the right time to sell. Because now we are in sooo much of a better position to do this! We have been blessed and are truly grateful. We are excited and hope our house sells soon! We are having lots of showings so its just a matter of time. We've already found a home we are in love with and pray we can get it. It would be absolutely perfect for our growing family.

So 2012 is lookin good! Exciting times: a big move and a baby! Woohoo! To celebrate New Years, Joey fried all different kinds of chicken wings: hot wings, bbq wings, plain & lemon pepper wings, served with celery and ranch. We also bought sparkling cider to make it a super fancy meal:) It was super yummy! I ate a million of them. I think I want him to do that every year! I also bought a bunch of those little popper things & silly hats. At 10pm(our kids "new years") we counted down and partied in our front yard. Whats funny is how everytime Aubrey pulled the string and made it pop, she yelled "Ow!!" and said it hurt(that sounds mean, but you had to be there). Anyways, our family are total party animals I tell ya. Wild n crazy stuff over here.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

3 sleepyheads

The other morning, Cali & Ammon were doing their usual chillaxin while watching morning toons/playing and I came upon this cute scene. They were both cuddling together with Zac and a blanket:) Of course I had to run and grab the camera. I think Zac is a pretty lucky pup. And I think our kids are lucky to have him too...

Monday, February 06, 2012

Baby on the way!

On December 10th, we found out we are expecting number 5! We are very very happy!! I hit 12 weeks today which is a huge milestone. As most of you know, between our children we've had a few miscarriages, so to be able to get pregnant and keep a pregnancy two times in a row is a miracle! Its never happened, so we are beyond thrilled. So, this wasn't a "surprise" but it kinda was...we were hoping to be pregnant soon but had no idea how soon it would happen. It happened pretty much immediately:) TMI! Sorry yall. haha. Whats even neater to me is that we didn't even plan to start trying until January but I had this feeling we should start sooner, so we decided in November to go for it. I don't think that was just a feeling, I know it was a prompting. This is definitely when this baby is supposed to join our family. My due date is August 18th, so another lovely summer pregnancy, but hey, we have a neighborhood pool so its all good:) I'll just get to be all cute and prego at the pool all summer long.

I felt so sick from week 6 up until now that I thought we were having twins. I was so nauseated all day long and had absolutely no energy. Worse than any other pregnancy. There were days when I had to really force myself to get out of bed. Or to get off the couch to fix lunch. So its been a rough 6 weeks(especially because we also have put our house back on the market and in just one month, we've had about 15 showings, which means a LOT of work), but thankfully the morning sickness is tapering off  some and I'm getting some energy back. And of course its all worth it in the end. And no, we aren't having twins:) Sonogram showed one beating heart (I have to admit major relief:) Here is our babies first photo...taken at about 7-8 weeks...and in just a few more weeks we'll find out if its a boy or girl. I'm so excited for that sonogram!! And I'm so excited to meet this little boy or girl in August!

Hard to see in this picture, but its there:)

Thursday, February 02, 2012

Dinosaurs Live! Or maybe I should title this post, "The Many Expressions of Cali"

I was going through some pictures and came across these little gems from late November.. we went to the animatronic dinosaur exhibit that we had been to in the past. We hadn't been in a couple of years and it was fun to finally take a boy to enjoy it:) He growled lots, but I think the most fascinated/horrified/excited child of all was Cali. She was so so funny. Enjoy pics of our kids hanging out with dinosaurs..and the various hilarious expressions of Cali girl...oh, and I have to note about some of the pics towards the end. First of all, Aubrey is obviously my daughter:) The one of Cali looking like she is excavating in the dirt...well, that was just an exposed pipe that she swore was the fossil of a dinosaur. She dug around the pipe until we forced her to leave it! And the last three are of the kids posing silly poses on this stage. I especially love Ella's jacket on the shoulders and hands on the hips-shes got her own sassy little flare that one:)