Monday, February 13, 2012

Bring on 2012

Okay, I'm backtracking a little bit here:) I forgot to recap New Years!

Not to be a downer, but 2011 wasn't really the best year. The deaths of two loved ones tainted the year...along with other disappointments. It wasn't a horrible year, but wasn't a great one either. I am grateful though for some of the good times and the fact that we are healthy and safe. I am also grateful we were able to end the craptastic year with a wonderful family vacation. That was awesome :)

So I've been looking forward to 2012..hoping for a better year. And so far, so good!  Right before 2011 ended, we received news that T-Mobile was no longer being purchased by AT&T...which meant more job security for us... and a retention bonus of a big wad o cash! We didn't want to be part of AT&T because, well, we love T-Mobile!! And with mergers come lay offs so it made us nervous all this past year. To finally get news of whats happening was a relief. We didn't know for a long time if the deal was gonna close. This was a part of the reason we pulled our home off the market last year, the uncertainty of this merger. Who knows what the future holds currently, but for now, things are good. And in December, as you know, found out we are expecting our fifth child this summer. And right as the new year was about to ring in, Joey got a really big promotion! He is the new Principal Engineer in his group of engineers. I'm so proud of him! These were all the things that made us feel like it is time to get our house back on the market. We are ready now! And we are definitely in need with another little one coming our way. I'm grateful the Lord let us know last year that it wasn't the right time to sell. Because now we are in sooo much of a better position to do this! We have been blessed and are truly grateful. We are excited and hope our house sells soon! We are having lots of showings so its just a matter of time. We've already found a home we are in love with and pray we can get it. It would be absolutely perfect for our growing family.

So 2012 is lookin good! Exciting times: a big move and a baby! Woohoo! To celebrate New Years, Joey fried all different kinds of chicken wings: hot wings, bbq wings, plain & lemon pepper wings, served with celery and ranch. We also bought sparkling cider to make it a super fancy meal:) It was super yummy! I ate a million of them. I think I want him to do that every year! I also bought a bunch of those little popper things & silly hats. At 10pm(our kids "new years") we counted down and partied in our front yard. Whats funny is how everytime Aubrey pulled the string and made it pop, she yelled "Ow!!" and said it hurt(that sounds mean, but you had to be there). Anyways, our family are total party animals I tell ya. Wild n crazy stuff over here.


Marie Rayner said...

Sweet! So happy the job issues were resolved. There is nothing worse than job uncertainty and redundancy. I know first hand how awful it is! Looks like you had a lot to celebrate!! New baby too, 2012 is YOUR year! xxoo

Cynthia said...

New Years at 10:00 pm sounds like my kinda celebration. And just think it was midnight somewhere............ cute pictures.

Grammy Staffy said...

Ahhh.... I just posted about New Years today.... now I don't feel so bad about being late since I am not the only one doing see Holy, you always make me feel good.

2011 was a hard year for us but like you we are looking forward to 2012.... of course... you have a lot more to look forward too than we do. I am so happy for you. Good luck with getting the new home you want. HAPPY NEW YEAR MY DEAR