Thursday, March 29, 2012

Its a...

                                                               BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!      :) :) :)

We can't wait to meet you
Wesley Dean!

The big sonogram day was yesterday! When people would ask me what I thought the baby was, boy or girl, I honestly didn't know. I was leaning toward girl just because well, we seem to make a lot of girls! :) But I admit to hoping that it was a boy. I really wanted Ammon to have a little brother! They could share a room, be little buddies, it would be perfect. We had picked out the first name, Wesley, years ago(its been a favorite of mine since I was a teenager!) The middle name we weren't completely set on. We were leaning toward Charles, because its a family name of the great grandpas on both sides of the family(thought that would be cool to honor two people at once!) but then I felt last month we should change the original plan. I felt this impression that maybe he was supposed to be named after my Dad instead. I talked to Joey about it and so we were pretty sure thats what we would do. Still not 100% but thats what we recently talked about. Well, I go to preschool to pickup Cali on Monday and while I'm there I start talking to a couple of friends about the sonogram coming up. As I'm talking I look up and right in front of my face is a picture(a bunch of the kids artwork was lining the hallways for display) and at the bottom of the picture is written in kids writing, "Wesley". I was like, oh cool, I don't see that name too often anymore and thought it was a cute coincidence. Then I look over at the picture next to it and the name on that picture is yep, you guessed it, "Dean." I had this "whoa" moment and had this feeling right then and there that this baby is a boy. And that his name is Wesley Dean. I told Joey about it. I told him I'm either crazy or this is a sign:) I was hoping I wasn't a nut! I think he thought I was-hahaha. And sure enough, at the sonogram my feelings were validated as the sonographer told us with excitement "Its a boy!" I admit to shedding a tear or two:) We were so happy!  I feel so blessed. Three beautiful wonderful daughters and now two amazing sons!  We can't wait to meet you little Wes!

Sidenote about the sono: We have a very very active son!(which I knew because this baby kicks pretty much all day long) It was hard for the sonographer to get the measurements she needed. Took her awhile to find out the gender too. But we got two good glimpses so we are sure:)  He actually did a somersault during the sonogram, so I think we better get ready for a busy kiddo:) He also was sucking his fingers during the sonogram, it was adorable!!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Happy Birthday Cali!!! The big 5!

I think that transitioning from 4 to 5 is a HUGE milestone in a child's life. Its like all of the sudden they are truly a "kid." Every time a child has a birthday I always get sentimental about it...its an exciting day but it always reminds me of how quickly they each are growing. I can't believe Cali is 5 now-5!! She'll be a kindergartener in just a few months. Its just crazy. She was the baby for a long time before Ammon came and before long I'll have three kiddos in elementary school(All at the same time! 5th, 3rd and Kinder next year...but I do have to say hooray for only one place to take them all instead of two! This years been crazy nutty with different drop off and pick up times for preschool and elementary!)

So Cali kicked off her birthday with a big ole party at a local bounce house spot, Jump 'N Land. The kids had a blast bouncing their little hearts out and then devouring a candy cake that I made(I originally saw this on my friend Melissa's blog. Super cute idea and so easy! And it looks like I made something amazing, but no one has to know how simple it is:) Cali opened her presents, which btw she totally scored on. Thats a perk of having a big party:) And then I sent the kids home with big whirly pops(I actually just typed poop instead of pop! Ha, sorry, had to share that with you) with notes attached that said, "Thank you for making my party so SWEET! Love, Cali" We figured a candy theme would be perfect for our extreme candy lover, Cali. It was a great party, perfect for her!

Yesterday was her actual birthday..she requested donuts for breakfast and Daddy granted that request with a 6:30am donut run. I baked her confetti cupcakes with buttercream pink and purple swirly icing to take to preschool. She was so excited to be the birthday girl at school! In the evening, we ordered pizza, sang her happy birthday, ate the remaining cupcakes, and watched a movie. Oh, and of course she also opened her presents from us, her sisters, her grandparents, and other relatives that sent gifts. I have to mention the gift that Ella gave her-she had made her a purse that took her weeks to make. It was one of the sweetest things ever. Not sure if Cali realizes how hard she worked on it, but I know some day she will. It was so sweet Ella. Ella is our kid that creates and spends so much time making things-to give this away, something she worked on for so long was truly touching.

So, it was an awesome weekend celebrating our cute little Cali! We love you Cali girl and hope you had a great birthday!! You bring a sparkle into our lives with your big smile and hilarious expressions. I could write a book on all the funny things you say that make us laugh :) Now, slow down a little...and quit growing so fast!!

Pictures from party day...isn't this cake fun? I actually had to make two!

Pictures from her actual birthday...

Friday, March 23, 2012

Arbuckle Wilderness

As I child, I remember my family visiting to this funky drive thru safari place, Arbuckle Wilderness,  in Oklahoma on one of our road trips to visit my grandparents. I don't remember a whole lot other than that we had fun, animals heads were in our car, and we must've gotten drinks there because we had little souvenir cups for years:) We had never taken our kids to a drive thru safari place and thought it'd be something new and fun to experience with them last week during Spring Break. So we headed up to Arbuckle Wilderness in Oklahoma. It was only about a 2 hour drive from our house so it was a fun little day trip. We are always seeing people visit these types of places on America's Funniest Videos..we just hoped we wouldn't have an animal try to peck our eyes out or something(and luckily, we survived, but unfortunately now we can't win $100,000 on AFV:) This place has gotten pretty run down over the years and half the place was shut down(like the reviews online said), but it didn't matter at all! We came for the animals and the experience of feeding them from our cars and we made some pretty priceless memories. The kids said it was one of the best days ever. I'll never forget their shrieks, giggles, and cute comments. Ammon was entertained the entire time. It was a great day!!! Worth every penny too see our kids reactions. Afterwards we also stopped by Turner Falls. We found a lookout, after driving up a hill for a few minutes that wasn't part of the paid state park(we're cheap and were not about to pay to park there just to see it!) so we scored and got some awesome views. It was the first time our kids had seen a real waterfall and they thought it was pretty awesome. Enjoy the pictures and memories...

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Happy Birthday to my man

This past week we celebrated Joey's big 35(getting closer to 40-yikes you're old!! :)  Just keeding. A couple of years ago I told him he should take off work on his birthday each year because, well, gosh, darnit, he deserves it! And you only have one birthday a year, right? So this year's birthday fell on a weekday during Spring Break. Since the kids were home, we decided to do something fun and took a little day trip(next post!) to Oklahoma for some drive thru safari fun(And it was a blast! Can't wait to share the pictures!) I picked up yummy donuts in the morning for breakfast since we were in a hurry and the kids gave their daddy their gifts they bought him and wrapped themselves. They were all food(which is why we had him open them in the morning so he could snack on them on the road). They picked the perfect items: beef jerky, flamin hot cheetos, & a dark chocolate bar. They know their Dad! And I know he enjoyed eating it on the drive. Ella also made him a homemade duck tape tie that he wore to church today:)

We spent most of the day in Oklahoma and then went out for dinner at Rudy's BBQ and came home for cake and icecream. The kids and I decorated the house and cake with Toy Story toys(Shout out to my friend Monda for letting me borrow her slew of Toy Story toys!) and we even played the music from the movie. We are crazy about silly kid-themed family parties over here:) We made Joey stay in his room while we got it all ready and when he came downstairs we got him with silly string. The kids were laughing and laughing, especially Ammon. He had never seen such a thing:) We then devoured way too much chocolate cake and icecream. Oh, and I also have to add that Aubrey did the lettering on the cake-she was so excited to do it and did a great job! It was a WONDERFUL day with our WONDERFUL guy. We love you so much, Joey. I brag on you too much sometimes because well, you are the best!  I don't know what I'd do without you in my life. I hope you had a great birthday. We tried our best to show you we love you and make it special!! xoxoXOXO

Monday, March 12, 2012

Cali is a STAR!

Cali was so SO SOO excited to be star of the week at preschool last week. We had fun making her a glitter-fied poster with pictures from the past almost-five years(yes, its almost her birthday too!). It was a fun stroll down memory lane with our cutie pie Cali. She was able to take the poster to school to show her friends and hang up in the class all week. She also answered a few questions(see second picture) about herself and took the sheet to school for her teacher to share with her classmates. I love how she said she wants to be an artist when she grows up:) She doesn't really like to color pictures(like in coloring books. She tells me its just too hard to stay in the lines!) but she loves to do "abstract" :) She loves to paint and be creative. That week she also was line leader and was able to bring in extra show and tell items. She also got to be the snack helper one day and I let her pick out a more "fun" snack(Danimals and string cheese) instead of the usual crackers or fruit. It was a fun week all about her. She had a wonderful time being the STAR!

Friday, March 09, 2012

Sparks rocked it

Basketball season ended and Ella's team, the Sparks, made HUGE improvements! They were the newest team-none of the girls had ever played and by the end they were wowing the audiences. I overheard another mom talking about how our team was definitely the most improved and that was great to hear. They worked so hard, had such good sportsmanship, didn't let losses bring them down, and in the end they ended up beating one of the top teams(and made the other team all cry:) Sorry..but I didn't feel that bad. They had crushed everyone countless times and our girls deserved to win!! It was such an intense game and so fun to watch. I didn't think I could get so into a 2nd grade basketball game! hahaha. Ella was always a starter and helped to make lots of points. We were so proud of her and the Sparks. Here are a few pics from her last game and her end of season family bbq. Notice the basketball cupcake Ella is eating(I made those!! GO me:) Ella's coach, Coach James, called each girl up to present their trophies and also talked about each girl and the good qualities they brought to the team. I loved how he described Ella as quiet..their little "secret weapon" :) He said he could never get her to talk much(she is a softspoken little lady around others) but when he'd give her directions, she'd do it and do it well.

We are sad to see basketball season go, but volleyball for Aubrey is just around the corner! Never a dull weekend when you have kiddos.