Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Ammon is 18 months old!!

On March 1st, Ammon officially hit 18 months. Such a big milestone! He is no longer a "baby"(well, he'll always be my baby:) and is officially a toddler. He is talking so much now and always making us smile. He is precious and gentle(if he is feeling good and rested anyways...I'll get to that...:) People always comment to me at church, at the store, wherever, what a good boy he is, how they rarely if ever see him cry. Its true, he is a very happy little dude. And of course I always get comments about his eyes/eyelashes. They are beautiful. In a manly way of course. lol. One of the cutest things he does is say "Awwww" when he hugs you or when he pets the dog:) He also loves to make an exit. Anytime he leaves a room he puts his little hand in the air, waves it so cute, and says "Bye!!" And then walks right outta there. He'll even do it if he is about to walk into the closet or the pantry, anywhere! He is a very friendly boy and will let other people hold him(this is very different than my girls!) and will play with others. He isn't half as shy as the girls were which is fun to experience. Every kid of ours is so different, thats one of the fun things about parenting, meeting your child and finding out who they are and watching who they become. Makes me very curious about our next one coming in just a few months! I can't believe Ammon will be a big brother(well, actually he really already is:) I know when the baby comes, things will change and Ammon will seem so big all of the sudden, so I'm trying to treasure every second with him before he "grows up" in August:)

Ammon is a sweet cuddly boy but watch out if hes sleepy or not feeling good(well, who isn't cranky when they are tired or not feeling good, right? :). The claws come out. Literally. Oh, and the teeth. Basically, he becomes an animal. So watch out! He is starting to explore boundaries these days but I think I've figured out how to handle it. Maybe. We'll see how it goes. But sometimes the girls run away in fear of him and his biting! lol. He just loves to use his teeth anywhere. On people. On the couch. On the carpet. I even saw him try to bite Zac once!! 

Some of Ammon's favorite things are books, balls and cars. His favorite foods seem to be pasta of any kind and meat of any kind. He has never been picky actually and will pretty much devour anything you put in front of him. A true man.

Ammon, we adore you(even when you bite us or claw our eyes out lately...:) and feel so blessed to have a little boy in our house. You have a special spirit about you and are a wonderful son and brother. I love rocking you before bedtime and singing you songs while you try to sing along(he is the sweetest singer and loves music!) I love reading to you and watching you dance(his dance moves are awesome). Thank you for being such a wonderful boy! I love you...xoxo

Enjoy some cute pics Joey took the other day...the first one is my favorite. Totally captures his happiness.


Rick said...

We love you so much Ammon.

Cynthia said...

So sweet I was just remembering his luau dang time so flies. Handsome boy for sure, many people loved Joey's eyelashes as well when he was growing up. I couldn't believe it when someone asked me if they were real? Huh? Who puts false eyelashes on a baby. Yup he's gonna be a great young man and big brother for sure.

Tara D. said...

Oh my! He's grown so much since I last saw him. Loved the pictures. He's just so precious!!!

the duchess said...

What a cutie pie. His hair's adorable.

Marie Rayner said...

Oh my, could he be any more adorable? I think not!! Look at those beautiful eyes. He's a charmer for sure! But then, I think all of your children are sweet. xxoo

The Freds said...

He is adorable!!!! So glad you were able to get a little boy. He looks so much like the others but....oh so boyish. Treasure all the sweet moments. They grow up so fast.