Monday, March 12, 2012

Cali is a STAR!

Cali was so SO SOO excited to be star of the week at preschool last week. We had fun making her a glitter-fied poster with pictures from the past almost-five years(yes, its almost her birthday too!). It was a fun stroll down memory lane with our cutie pie Cali. She was able to take the poster to school to show her friends and hang up in the class all week. She also answered a few questions(see second picture) about herself and took the sheet to school for her teacher to share with her classmates. I love how she said she wants to be an artist when she grows up:) She doesn't really like to color pictures(like in coloring books. She tells me its just too hard to stay in the lines!) but she loves to do "abstract" :) She loves to paint and be creative. That week she also was line leader and was able to bring in extra show and tell items. She also got to be the snack helper one day and I let her pick out a more "fun" snack(Danimals and string cheese) instead of the usual crackers or fruit. It was a fun week all about her. She had a wonderful time being the STAR!


jOeY said...

I love her abstract art. It seems like its going to be a disaster, but then it turns out quite beautiful. :)

Marie Rayner said...

Way to go Cali! I can't believe how grown up she is looking now! Seems that not so long ago she was still a baby! Cali, you are the best! xxoo

Cynthia said...

Yeah for being the STAR that is the most fun ever. I love that I can click on the poster and see your pictures. Hard to believe that you are already in school and soon another birthday. I'm glad you got to do all the fun things that you enjoy. Congratulations on a beign the brightest star ever.