Thursday, April 05, 2012

Cowgirl Cali

A week or so ago Cali partcipated in her preschool's Texas HoeDown. It was the cutest thing! All of the kids were decked out in their finest western wear and sang us cute western songs. Cali knew every word and wasn't shy about doing the hand motions. She was also  rocking her hips to the beat:)  I especially loved how they had them learn the Pledge of Allegiance and the Texas motto(okay, I don't remember what that is called...something like that:) What kind of Texan am I?! Ha! But what was the best is how Cali had her left hand on her heart during the pledge:) Hehehe. She wasn't the only one:) They ended their performance with a meal fit for a cowboy or cowgirl: chil and cornbread.  And Cali actually ate the beans/chili stuff. Wow. I'm impressed with this girl lately and her appetite. She used to be more picky but she is finally getting over it and trying new things(thats what happens when you keep putting it in front of them!) and starting to like new things. Yeehaw..I didn't give up! You did a great job Cali! Daddy, Ammon & I enjoyed the show!

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Emily said...

Love this day at Little Saints :) She looks like she is enjoying it.