Friday, April 27, 2012

Ella as Harriet Beecher Stowe

Ella participated in the 2nd grade "Living Museum" a couple of weeks ago. Each child chooses a person from a list of historical figures. They research them and write a speech that they deliver continuously for an hour to other classes as they walk through the "museum," aka cafeteria:) They also dress up-its super cute. Ella was very nervous but she memorized her speech quickly and did an amazing job. I heard that speech about a hundred times. She had to make sure it was drilled in her head(she is such a hard worker this girl!) Her person was Harriet Beecher Stowe who we came to learn a lot about over the past couple of weeks. And thanks Melanie for letting us borrow your daughter's trek costume:) Harriet wasn't a pioneer..but maybe she dressed this way sometimes? Hahaha. She lived during the same time period so I figured it would work! We are very proud of you Ella!

 And I had to include this picture. Cali and Ammon were with me that morning to watch. Cali had a blast walking around checking everyones costumes out and listening. I caught this moment of cuddlage...interrupted by a blonde little boy running by:) Oh well. Sometimes photo bombs happen.


Marie Rayner said...

Way to go Ella!!! Love it. She made a really sweet HBS!! xxoo

Cynthia said...

Sounds like a great day for all the students at her school they were in the presence of a beautiful "Harriet Beacham Stowe" aka Ella Lynn Duenas. You are so amazing and we are very proud of you.