Tuesday, May 01, 2012


Sundays are awesome. We go to church and the rest of the day we just hang out and spend time together as a family. Activities include: naps(my favorite:), puzzles, games, baking and cooking together, playing outside in the backyard, journals, reading scriptures and church magazines, its a day just for us. No outside interferences like tv, computer/video  games, and radio. No friends over to play. No shopping, movies, parties. Just family time. Its great. The kids don't ever ask for anything else- they know what the day is about. They know the day is special. And it might sound like the most boring day ever, but as you can see we have fun with it...enjoy these random Sunday pics over the last couple of months...

The kids love to build forts with their Daddy. On this morning, Cali built her very own and was quite proud. I think she was probably the only one that could really fit inside, but it was a fort nonetheless:)

Ammon loves to play with the dog food(luckily the trying to eat it phase has passed..) He likes to put it inside of toys. He also likes to get pieces of it and have Zac follow him around the house with it. Basically, he likes to tease Zac:) Its so adorable. Zac follows him all around and then eventually Ammon will give it to him. He just loves to get the dog to follow him!

After church one day, these two were hanging out and I had to take a quick pic..they both looked so nice in their Sunday best.

Ammon LOVES LOVES LOVES to be outside. He stands by the backdoor and said, "I, I, I." Which is Ammon-speak for "outside." Well, he got one sound right:) This picture is the cutest.

Ella practicing her Gethsemane song.

This picture cracks me up. So Ella. Legs crossed and doing an "I'm awesome" pose.

A really gorgeous picture Joey took of Cali one Sunday afternoon. She was testing out her new little pinwheel. Doesn't she look so grown up?

Cali likes to play baby with Ammon. He doesn't mind:) He just lets her swaddle him and cuddle.

 All three of my girls love to help in the kitchen. On this Sunday, Cali layered the lasagna with barely any help from me. Thats my girl!

Ammon just looking way too cute. I love his Sunday clothes!! Such a handsome boy.

 Ella's latest thing: reading while swinging. I took this picture from inside the kitchen. Look at her even reading scriptures while she swings. Now, thats dedication! She is trying really hard to read the whole Book of Mormon on her own this year.

These last few are from General Conference weekend. The kids had fun coloring their conference packets and making and eating homemade icecream. They watched all 4 sessions year! I won't say they sat down and watched every minute, but they seriously watched most of it! I was proud of them. I told them they didn't have to, that we'd have it on and it was their choice to sit and listen on Saturday. I told them I expected them to be in the room for the Sunday sessions though...and whaddaya know, they sat and hung out in the room for most of Saturday too. Awesome. Of course the baggies of treats might've helped...Cali said she loved conference(and I know why:)

My homemade icecream helper, Cali. She had fun pouring in the ice and salt. And the icecream turned out perfect!
And thats a wrap. Sundays at our house in a nutshell.


Marie Rayner said...

I always enjoy reading about and seeing the pictures of your lovely family. Beautiful, just beautiful. Keeping you all in my prayers with the impending move and ammon's tubes etc. My eldest daughter had tubes put in her ears. It made such a big difference! Love you! xxoo

Grammy Staffy said...

Wonderful family..... wonderful Sunday traditions.

I have a little CTR bracelet I got for Ella in Utah when we were there. It is not much but I want to send it to her even though she was baptized so long ago. Please email me your new address so I can send it.

Thanks, Hugs

Cynthia said...

Such sweet pictures enjoyed reading about it all. Everyone is just growing up way too fast. Aubrey and Ella so growing into their ages very graciously. Cali such the cutest smile ever and so helpful and Ammon what a doll he is going to be such a great missionary one day.

Unknown said...

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Thank you for all that you do. Best to you and yours!


Unknown said...

It sounds like the perfect day. :) Thank you for sharing your parenting insights in such a fun and accessible way. I also blog about family togetherness at: http://forevertogetherfamily.blogspot.com/. I came across your blog while searching for fun family events that we and the kiddo's can participate in together. THank you for all that you do.. for your own family and for many others.

Take care!