Friday, May 25, 2012

This is how we do "time out"

Just kidding:) Ammon went through a phase of climbing into hampers and walking around the house with them on his head(well, really around his whole body). Gross. I know. But this picture had to be taken. What tops it off is he is sitting right next to the dog's food bowl. It looks like he is our prisoner!! Only dog food for you boy!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Pinewood Derby!

So usually the pinewood derby is reserved for boys that are in the scouting program, but not in our ward! I'm one of the activity days leaders(This is a fun program in our church for girls ages 8-11) I've been a leader for 3 years now-seriously my favorite calling ever!) When I got together with the other leaders to plan our combined recognition night, one of the ladies had the idea to do our own pinewood derby. Because-why do the boys get to have all the fun?! We called the evening "The Recognition Race." The girls were so so excited to do this with their daddy. We purchased the kits and Joey helped the girls choose some designs online.  Joey spent a lot of time in the garage sawing the wood and working with Aubrey & Ella. Such a good dad! I bought some bling, stickers, and stuff to decorate them. The girls painted and each car had their own "look" that totally fit each of them. I loved watching their creativity go wild and how proud they each were of their cars. We started off the evening introducing the "teams" which were the girls and their parents/families. A parent from each team also told the audience something their daughter had accomplished in the Activity Days/Faith in God program that year. Then the races began! Although this wasn't about winning(heck, I'm lying. We wanted to win of course! Who doesn't? :), one of our girls did win the championship. And the winner was.....Ella! Go Ella go! Aubrey's was one of the speediest cars as well. Probably in the top 3-4 out of about fifteen cars. So Joey, you done good:) Afterwards, everyone received awards. Ella received a little trophy too:) And we all had cupcakes. It was a super fun evening. The girls all said afterwards they want to do this every year. I know it was an evening they'll never forget. We are proud of you Aubrey & Ella! Two of the awesomest cars ever.

Sanding away...


 Ella's sleek stylish blinged out car-purple of course! She put her name and a number 8(for her age). Very personalized.

Aubrey had the fun idea to stick Polly Pocket in her car-cutest idea ever! And she used duck tape to decorate which added the perfect touch.
 And the races begin!

The winning shot

Ella and Ellen: 1st and 2nd place winners

 Our cute girls...

A fun variety of cars!

Championship car and trophy...

Monday, May 14, 2012

Rocket launch!

For Joey's birthday, I hinted to my parents about getting him something "kid-ish" like a rocket or something rc. On the day of his birthday, a rocket arrived! I bought Joey a small rocket when we were first married for a birthday gift and we had fun with it. Well, for a whole day anyways. Somehow we lost that darn thing...went up, came down in a big field and we searched and searched. We've always wondered what happened to it! Anyways, Joey is a big kid at heart and loves toys. Hes just fun like that:) Its definitely something about him I love, how much he loves to have fun and laugh. We picked the perfect afternoon with just the right amount of wind and nice temps to take the rocket out with the kids(and doggy) for its first launch. The kids had so much fun! We had never done this together so it was a first for them. I think one of the best parts was watching them plug their ears at the first launch(they didn't know what to expect and were a smidge leary-hahaha:) And another memorable time was when Joey caught the rocket on its way down. Hes da man y'all. Don't be jealous. :)

Thanks Mom & Dad for getting him such a fun gift. It was something we ALL enjoyed!

                         Had to include this one of Joey's butt. Its cute. Well, it is!

 And this one I had to include. Cali picked me some pretty little flowers...and after she picked me some all the kids did. I had a full on bouquet when we left!

Monday, May 07, 2012

Tuesday, May 01, 2012


Sundays are awesome. We go to church and the rest of the day we just hang out and spend time together as a family. Activities include: naps(my favorite:), puzzles, games, baking and cooking together, playing outside in the backyard, journals, reading scriptures and church magazines, its a day just for us. No outside interferences like tv, computer/video  games, and radio. No friends over to play. No shopping, movies, parties. Just family time. Its great. The kids don't ever ask for anything else- they know what the day is about. They know the day is special. And it might sound like the most boring day ever, but as you can see we have fun with it...enjoy these random Sunday pics over the last couple of months...

The kids love to build forts with their Daddy. On this morning, Cali built her very own and was quite proud. I think she was probably the only one that could really fit inside, but it was a fort nonetheless:)

Ammon loves to play with the dog food(luckily the trying to eat it phase has passed..) He likes to put it inside of toys. He also likes to get pieces of it and have Zac follow him around the house with it. Basically, he likes to tease Zac:) Its so adorable. Zac follows him all around and then eventually Ammon will give it to him. He just loves to get the dog to follow him!

After church one day, these two were hanging out and I had to take a quick pic..they both looked so nice in their Sunday best.

Ammon LOVES LOVES LOVES to be outside. He stands by the backdoor and said, "I, I, I." Which is Ammon-speak for "outside." Well, he got one sound right:) This picture is the cutest.

Ella practicing her Gethsemane song.

This picture cracks me up. So Ella. Legs crossed and doing an "I'm awesome" pose.

A really gorgeous picture Joey took of Cali one Sunday afternoon. She was testing out her new little pinwheel. Doesn't she look so grown up?

Cali likes to play baby with Ammon. He doesn't mind:) He just lets her swaddle him and cuddle.

 All three of my girls love to help in the kitchen. On this Sunday, Cali layered the lasagna with barely any help from me. Thats my girl!

Ammon just looking way too cute. I love his Sunday clothes!! Such a handsome boy.

 Ella's latest thing: reading while swinging. I took this picture from inside the kitchen. Look at her even reading scriptures while she swings. Now, thats dedication! She is trying really hard to read the whole Book of Mormon on her own this year.

These last few are from General Conference weekend. The kids had fun coloring their conference packets and making and eating homemade icecream. They watched all 4 sessions year! I won't say they sat down and watched every minute, but they seriously watched most of it! I was proud of them. I told them they didn't have to, that we'd have it on and it was their choice to sit and listen on Saturday. I told them I expected them to be in the room for the Sunday sessions though...and whaddaya know, they sat and hung out in the room for most of Saturday too. Awesome. Of course the baggies of treats might've helped...Cali said she loved conference(and I know why:)

My homemade icecream helper, Cali. She had fun pouring in the ice and salt. And the icecream turned out perfect!
And thats a wrap. Sundays at our house in a nutshell.