Wednesday, June 27, 2012

We found a house!

After lots and lots of looking, we finally found our dream home! So, we actually found this home back in April...but with the high pricetag and the amount of updates needed, we didn't think we could afford it. Then they offered a decorating/updating allowance and the interest rates plummeted. So it became well within our reach! Its a beautiful home: 1 1/2 stories which will make my life easier with all bedrooms downstairs, its on one acre of land(Sweet! We barely had a quarter acre before!), the front of it is breathtaking, 4 bedrooms, 4.5 bath, 1000 sq ft bigger than our last home, game room/family room with full bath, closet and walk in attic upstairs and even a 3 car garage. Its everything we need! So, we are very excited and have plans to redo floors before move-in. Because they are icky. Honestly, the whole house is kinda icky and also needs some professional cleaning. We really had to look past some of the decorating/uncleanliness when we decided to make an offer. It was really distracting, but when you look at the home itself and what it can become, I think we can make it look amazing. We have so many plans for this home for the future and we are excited to make it our own. While this home will be a lot more work than other newer homes we looked at, its definitely more of a dream home to us. We are so excited to finally have a good piece of Texas :) Here is a sneak peek at the front...

We close June 29th!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Hollie Cavanaugh, whats up!?

The city we just moved from was the hometown of recent top(#4, represent!) American Idol contestant, Hollie Cavanaugh. And not just that, she went to the girls elementary school too! So, the girls got to have two pretty awesome experiences- 1. She surprised them with a guest appearance and yearbook signing at a school assembly in May. Aubrey's teacher even snapped a picture of Aubrey with her but its in a box somewhere... 2. We got to see her in perform in person and be in a parade downtown. The girls were so so excited! They now have her autograph and pictures!  Suh-weet.

Here are some fun parade day pictures...and no, I didn't make the posters. I thought of it after we arrived and then we stole our friends :)

Monday, June 18, 2012

Cali's accident

So we moved into a temporary townhome, which wasn't our first choice to do, but when you don't find a house to move into before you sell your current house, you kinda gotta live we found a really nice townhome/apartment complex. A great pool and sand volleyball area, a cute little park just across from our apartment, lots of space with 4 bedrooms and no one above or below us. It seemed like the perfect little place to be for a little while and I was finally starting to feel a little destressed after the exhausting move. The move was so stressful and the worry that we wouldn't find a home we loved before baby came and school starting was really getting to me. I cried a lot. I was a baby. But then Memorial Day came, Joey was off, and we spent the morning swimming. I even went and got a pedicure that day(my Mothers Day gift). We had a dinner picnic at the park by our place and I remember just feeling happy again. We were living life, we were together, things would be okay. And I hadn't felt happy in awhile. Then suddently everything changed...the kids were playing on the playground when a couple of other kids came and started playing. Young kids with no parents. They were jumping off stuff and as Cali was climbing out of a tunnel the younger one, maybe 6 or 7 years old, jumps off the tunnel landing on her. I saw her hit the equipment with her head and I hear a scream like no other. I thought she had maybe hit her mouth and busted her lip but when she got up, her head was gaping open, severely cut, so bad you could see a little bit of her skull. I've never seen that much blood, it was the scariest thing ever. Joey carried her, holding and putting pressure on her head while I grabbed Ammon and we all ran to the car. I have never seen Joey look so scared in my life and that scared me. But I went into mom-mode and drove while he sat with her. I held it together surprisingly. My mind was a jumble but I remembered there was an ER close by and we were there within a few minutes. Aubrey started crying in the backseat. Ella was covering her eyes. Ammon didn't know what in the heck was going on. 7 stitches(two layers even) later, Cali was doing well. She was really really tough and brave there. She had a hard time during the lidocaine injections but once they finished that, she was relaxed and said the actual stitch part felt good and that she liked the clicking noises:) She also said when they were finished and she sat up, "My hair is all messed up now." Gotta love our Cali girl.

If its one thing I learned through this is how much I love my kids it scares me. We had never had an experience like this. And it really shook both Joey and I. All I know is every night I pray, I thank Heavenly Father that we had another day where our family was safe and protected. Because one day can change everything. We were very lucky her injury wasn't worse because we know it could've been. She could've cracked her skull or had a concussion or worse. We were thankful that didn't happen on top of the 3 inch gash right down the center of her forehead that will sadly scar her for life. I am trying to be more grateful every day for the things I often forget to be grateful for. And I'm trying to be a better mom. I also learned how much Cali's big sisters love see Aubrey break down and Ella look so scared for her little sister was sad but also heartwarming. We united as a family that week to care for our Cali and make sure she was okay. Trials do make you stronger and bring families together. I also learned that whining and crying about house showings and being pregnant and tired was dumb. And an incident like this is something to really cry about. I need to stop throwing myself pity parties and woman up:) As long as my family is healthy and safe and together, what should I ever complain about?

We love you so so much Cali and are glad you are okay! xoxo

Pictures of Cali with packages from both sets of grandparents. She was very spoiled by her favorite thing in the world: Candy! Thanks everyone for the outpouring of love! She also had one of her little friends from school and church bring her a get well gift. It was so sweet. And no, I'm not going to post pics of the actual stitches/cut. They just make me too sad to look at. You can see in the first picture though that her face is a bit swollen because it was just a couple of days after the accident.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Last Day of School

The last day of school always gets me sad. Not because I'm stuck at home with the kids for every minute of every day of the ENTIRE summer....oh wait, maybe thats it..kidding:)  Its just another reminder my kids are growing up. Cali is no longer in preschool. My baby girl will start kindergarten soon! And since we have moved(in a temporary apartment until we find a place), my older girls said a final goodbye to the elementary school and friends they've known for years. They all had a really great year and we are so proud of them and all of their accomplishments at school. Cali was a great student and wasn't a troublemaker(phew!) :) She can count to over 100 and can write her alphabet, her name, and can even read a little bit. She was also so good at making friends. Cali can be shy with some adults, but when it comes to other kids, she can make friends in two seconds which is a quality of hers that I just love. Ella made it through a tough year with her teacher being gone for half of it(she had a baby) and having to have a sub for awhile. That made her sad because she loved her teacher so much. But she still continued to excel at everything(especially reading, she zips through books!) and was even chosen as one of three kids in her class to spend a couple of hours a week helping with the special education children on campus because of her leadership skills and compassionate qualities. Aubrey had a wonderful and hilarious teacher that made her year extra fun. She always said such complimentary things about how amazing Aubrey is. Aubrey did a fantastic job at juggling her gifted/talented classes along with her regular classes. She had trying times doing this but handled the stress of it so well. She was also elected to be on the student council and definitely proved herself as a natural born leader. We're proud of all three of our wonderful girls!

Last day of school pics...

Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Mother's Day 2012

I am one spoiled Mama. My kids(and Joey of course) really went all out this year to make this Mother's Day special. The decorations were awesome! There were signs all over the place, even hanging from the ceiling with yarn. So sweet. I was brought a delicious breakfast in bed, got a good backrub and lots of sweet homemade gifts. Unfortunately I was very very sick that day :(  It was one of the roughest weekends of my life! Especially being pregnant on top of it. My stomach was just hurting so bad on Saturday and I was throwing up all day and other fun things.... And then I started running a weird fever  and got this flu-like illness right after that. My body was so drained, I could barely walk. I decided to go to church for the first hour on Sunday because I wanted to be there for the Mother's Day song the primary kids always sing. I love that! Well, half way into church I almost yeah, maybe I shouldn't have gone:) But I got to see them sing!!!! Thats love right there.  I think I must truly be the best mom ever :)    

Friday, June 01, 2012

Bye bye Rolling Rock

On May 22nd, we closed on our house! Sold, done, finally. It was, of course, bittersweet. But mostly sweet because it was just so much work, especially being preggers with 4 kids. I'm sooo done with houseshowings. So so done. Nothing says fun like a phonecall that means you have to clean your entire house and figure out something to do with your kids for an hour or two at the last minute. We lived in our car with the DVD player going/snacks, at parks, and McD's. Ew. I never want to move again! Remind me of that the next time we talk about moving(which we never will...don't let us:)

The U Haul Joey and a few friends loaded up a couple of was SO much work. Oh my. Poor Joey. I've never seen him so exhausted by the end of it. It took us 4 days to get everything out of that place. And I helped as much as I could but at about 6-7 months pregnant, it was difficult and I wasn't very useful. Six years and six people accumulate a lot of stuff. And I'm not even a cluttered person. I constantly get rid of stuff! We just couldn't believe how much we had.

Our final goodbye. Our first meal in this house was on this bench eating pizza, so we decided that would be how we did our last meal. I felt sad as we walked out for the last time. It was a wonderful place to be for the past six years. So many special memories. We brought both Cali and Ammon home from the hospital many special Christmas mornings...FHE' parties...indoor campouts...birthdays...sleepy eyed egg hunts...pranks..nights by the fireplace with hot in the sprinklers...the memories will never be forgotten. We will miss you Rolling Rock.