Friday, June 01, 2012

Bye bye Rolling Rock

On May 22nd, we closed on our house! Sold, done, finally. It was, of course, bittersweet. But mostly sweet because it was just so much work, especially being preggers with 4 kids. I'm sooo done with houseshowings. So so done. Nothing says fun like a phonecall that means you have to clean your entire house and figure out something to do with your kids for an hour or two at the last minute. We lived in our car with the DVD player going/snacks, at parks, and McD's. Ew. I never want to move again! Remind me of that the next time we talk about moving(which we never will...don't let us:)

The U Haul Joey and a few friends loaded up a couple of was SO much work. Oh my. Poor Joey. I've never seen him so exhausted by the end of it. It took us 4 days to get everything out of that place. And I helped as much as I could but at about 6-7 months pregnant, it was difficult and I wasn't very useful. Six years and six people accumulate a lot of stuff. And I'm not even a cluttered person. I constantly get rid of stuff! We just couldn't believe how much we had.

Our final goodbye. Our first meal in this house was on this bench eating pizza, so we decided that would be how we did our last meal. I felt sad as we walked out for the last time. It was a wonderful place to be for the past six years. So many special memories. We brought both Cali and Ammon home from the hospital many special Christmas mornings...FHE' parties...indoor campouts...birthdays...sleepy eyed egg hunts...pranks..nights by the fireplace with hot in the sprinklers...the memories will never be forgotten. We will miss you Rolling Rock. 

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jOeY said...

Sniff sniff. :( then :) so glad to be done with that part of the move. What a pain! ugh, lol