Monday, June 11, 2012

Last Day of School

The last day of school always gets me sad. Not because I'm stuck at home with the kids for every minute of every day of the ENTIRE summer....oh wait, maybe thats it..kidding:)  Its just another reminder my kids are growing up. Cali is no longer in preschool. My baby girl will start kindergarten soon! And since we have moved(in a temporary apartment until we find a place), my older girls said a final goodbye to the elementary school and friends they've known for years. They all had a really great year and we are so proud of them and all of their accomplishments at school. Cali was a great student and wasn't a troublemaker(phew!) :) She can count to over 100 and can write her alphabet, her name, and can even read a little bit. She was also so good at making friends. Cali can be shy with some adults, but when it comes to other kids, she can make friends in two seconds which is a quality of hers that I just love. Ella made it through a tough year with her teacher being gone for half of it(she had a baby) and having to have a sub for awhile. That made her sad because she loved her teacher so much. But she still continued to excel at everything(especially reading, she zips through books!) and was even chosen as one of three kids in her class to spend a couple of hours a week helping with the special education children on campus because of her leadership skills and compassionate qualities. Aubrey had a wonderful and hilarious teacher that made her year extra fun. She always said such complimentary things about how amazing Aubrey is. Aubrey did a fantastic job at juggling her gifted/talented classes along with her regular classes. She had trying times doing this but handled the stress of it so well. She was also elected to be on the student council and definitely proved herself as a natural born leader. We're proud of all three of our wonderful girls!

Last day of school pics...

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jOeY said...

so proud of my little girls. that pic of cali cracks me up.