Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Mother's Day 2012

I am one spoiled Mama. My kids(and Joey of course) really went all out this year to make this Mother's Day special. The decorations were awesome! There were signs all over the place, even hanging from the ceiling with yarn. So sweet. I was brought a delicious breakfast in bed, got a good backrub and lots of sweet homemade gifts. Unfortunately I was very very sick that day :(  It was one of the roughest weekends of my life! Especially being pregnant on top of it. My stomach was just hurting so bad on Saturday and I was throwing up all day and other fun things.... And then I started running a weird fever  and got this flu-like illness right after that. My body was so drained, I could barely walk. I decided to go to church for the first hour on Sunday because I wanted to be there for the Mother's Day song the primary kids always sing. I love that! Well, half way into church I almost yeah, maybe I shouldn't have gone:) But I got to see them sing!!!! Thats love right there.  I think I must truly be the best mom ever :)    

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jOeY said...

We have such sweet kiddos. Yeah, i can't believe you almost fainted. that was scary. :O