Wednesday, June 27, 2012

We found a house!

After lots and lots of looking, we finally found our dream home! So, we actually found this home back in April...but with the high pricetag and the amount of updates needed, we didn't think we could afford it. Then they offered a decorating/updating allowance and the interest rates plummeted. So it became well within our reach! Its a beautiful home: 1 1/2 stories which will make my life easier with all bedrooms downstairs, its on one acre of land(Sweet! We barely had a quarter acre before!), the front of it is breathtaking, 4 bedrooms, 4.5 bath, 1000 sq ft bigger than our last home, game room/family room with full bath, closet and walk in attic upstairs and even a 3 car garage. Its everything we need! So, we are very excited and have plans to redo floors before move-in. Because they are icky. Honestly, the whole house is kinda icky and also needs some professional cleaning. We really had to look past some of the decorating/uncleanliness when we decided to make an offer. It was really distracting, but when you look at the home itself and what it can become, I think we can make it look amazing. We have so many plans for this home for the future and we are excited to make it our own. While this home will be a lot more work than other newer homes we looked at, its definitely more of a dream home to us. We are so excited to finally have a good piece of Texas :) Here is a sneak peek at the front...

We close June 29th!

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