Tuesday, July 17, 2012

12 years with my very best friend

On July 6th, Joey and I celebrated 12 years of marriage. They have truly been 12 wonderful years. I love this man more than I can ever say. He is a better person than me and I don't feel like I deserve him most of the time..I'm a mess sometimes! Okay, most women are, right, right? :) I am very blessed to have found him thirteen years ago. He is seriously the bestest friend I've ever had and takes care of me in a way that every woman deserves to be taken care of. I'm so lucky. I've been thinking about the past "dozen" years..its crazy how much life has changed in those years. We started off just the two of us and we are now totally outnumbered:) I still can't believe we are about to be the parents of FIVE. Crazy! We love these kids more than life itself and we love each other. Its a good life. I'm not claiming a perfect marriage, there are of course ups and downs but we work at it and I think we are a great team that can do anything together. We have so many wonderful memories and so many fun times to look back on over the past twelve years. And this year is a big year of changes: a new home and a new little one. So exciting! This past year has been trying in certain ways but its brought us all together too. There is no one I'd rather face lifes challenges and enjoy the sweetest moments in life with than my Joey. I'm looking forward to more wonderful memories with my man and my fam. Happy Anniversary Joey. I luv u!!!!!!!

Ok, I'm lame. We didn't get a picture of us together on our anniversary. But I do have a picture of me on our date:) We went to our city's cute little downtown and enjoyed an Italian meal at Sauce on the Square and dessert at this little cafe called Spoons. We hadn't had dinner on the square together or anywhere downtown together before so we decided before we made the move to a new city to finally go. It was a fun evening together, just him and I. And check out that chicken parmesan. It was ginormous! Like bigger than my head.

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jOeY said...

Awwwww. You are WAY too kind. All you said about me should be said about you. Thanks honey for making me the luckiest guy in the world. I love you!