Tuesday, July 03, 2012

CC visit: part 2

We had a great time at Nana & Tata's house! We were welcomed with a delicious Chamorro style meal: ribs, rice and pancit, yummm! Baby liked...:) We also did some fun things with not only them but Joey's sisters family too. We went to funtrackers where the kids rode go-carts(Cali's first time!), a mini roller coaster and also did bumper boats. We also had lunch there and icees which of course the kids are nuts about. We also visited the beach where I got to watch my man surf(I love that I married a surfer..so sexy:) and watch the kids jump over waves, build sandcastles, bury themselves and do all of those traditional fun beachy things with their cousins. Cali and Shelby have really bonded and I love watching them together. They were always holding hands-two peas in a pod. Thanks everyone for a wonderful time and great memories! We miss you!

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