Saturday, July 07, 2012

Farewell my Activity Days girls :(

I've had the calling as an Activity Days leader in my ward for the past three years. It has been my all time favorite calling, especially with such a wonderful group of girls(they were seriously awesome) and getting to share in the experience with my older daughters. Its been so fun! The last activity we had was a pool party at my partner, Chrissy's, home(she has a beautiful salt water pool!). When I arrived with Aubrey & Ella, I saw that Chrissy had bought cupcakes and written "We'll miss you Duenas family" on them, so she turned it into a little farewell for us which was so sweet. It was a fun bittersweet activity. Lots of the girls gave me hugs, even some gave me sweet thoughtful gifts. It was the perfect way to end things. I left feeling sad, but happy for the opportunity I had over the past three years to teach them and share in many fun memories with them. I'll love you girls and never forget you!

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Jan said...

That's a calling I've never had and would lOVE to have - -and they were lucky to have you in there! Hoping you get all settled in your new home with your new little guy ASAP! xoxo