Sunday, July 08, 2012

Summer camps

This summer, because of two moves and me being whalishly pregnant, oh and the fact that we did Disneyworld in the winter, we kept things lowkey. No big trips or big fun things. We've mainly been packing & unpacking. We've swam at the apartment pool and luckily have friends that invite us to their pool or to splash pads/parks/over for playdates or lunch with them which saved us. I don't know what I would've done without those invites that got us out of this little apartment(so thank you to these wonderful galpals that helped me survive!!!). And honestly, even the cute little park across from our apartments that we thought would be nice to have so close became a place to avoid after the incident with Cali. I just have bad vibes from that place so much that every time we drive up to the apartment and I look over there, I get flashes of the accident happening all over again and it makes me sick :( So fun. Can't wait to get out of here.

So, anyways, back to the topic:) I decided to let Aubrey & Ella each pick out a sport camp(Cali did swim lessons). So Ella did a basketball camp one week and then a couple of weeks later Aubrey did a volleyball camp. I felt good I was able to get them out and doing something fun, while getting lots of exercise too. And they had lots of fun! Ella's coach, who is the head varsity coach for the girls basketball team in the area we are buying our new home told me she was the best, a good little player that has really great form in shooting. Yea Ella:) While the other kids just chuck it, she takes her time and makes beauitful shots. I thought that was a pretty awesome compliment coming from her. And then Aubrey won player of the day one of the four days she was there(out of lots of kids!!!). And during a scrimmage type of game she hit her first spike over the net in game play ever. And I was there and saw it. So proud! Everyone was impressed. She was smiling so big! Me too:) I was so proud of them both.

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