Saturday, August 11, 2012

Cali and Ammon's first haircuts

Yesterday Cali and Ammon got their first haircuts. You may wonder why this would be Cali's first. Well, her hair took FOREVER to grow. And I didn't want to cut it until it at least reached a certain length. So its been a little uneven for awhile(longer in the front than the back but thats the style now anyways, right? :) We took them to this place geared to kids, Snip Its. Its where we've taken them all for their first professional cuts. They have cartoons and video games for the kids to play while they get their haircut. Prizes. Certificates. Its pretty awesome and makes their first haircut really fun. They both did so great. The lady cutting Ammon's hair was impressed with how well he sat and how he never cried or made a peep. He just had this concerned look on his face the whole time. Cali just sat mesmorized by the tv screen with absolutely no facial expressions:) So funny. They both look super sharp now! And Ammon, oh my goodness, he looks like a little boy now with his spiked up gel-i-field do!! Sniff, sniff. He looks adorable, but at the same time way too grown up. My baby...and of course Cali looks beautiful. She has been blessed with the some of the prettiest golden ringlets I've ever seen.

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