Thursday, August 30, 2012

Wesley's First Two Weeks

Wesley is a great sleeper! We are so grateful for that! Hard to tell what is personality will be so far... he has days where he barely cries at all...and then he has his fussy days too. But he is going four hour stretches at night already so hallelujah. Bless you child. During the day he sleeps on and off, gazes at us and has even given us a smile or two(and they are REAL, not gas! :) He is precious and oh so handsome. I could kiss him and smell him all day:)

He has been blessed with lots of visitors this past week or so. My mom was here for several days and was a HUUUUGE help to me. I'd never seen the bottom of my laundry bins until she came, I'm not even kidding. Wish I was! She took care of the kids, fed them, played games with them, made treats with them, played in the backyard(badminton and vball kept em busy) and was just there for me. I won't forget all you did Mama! She had even come a couple of weeks before the baby was born for a visit and a Glenn Beck gig(I went with her and my Aunt Cindy-it was fun!). I ended up having some pregnancy problems that put me in the hospital a couple of times and she stayed longer to make sure all was well. I really needed it and enjoyed some time with my Mama. She kept thinking she was overstaying her welcome but she could NEVER. My sister was here for a couple of days and helped with the kids on the day of Wesley's delivery which was a big help. I hated she had to leave so soon but with her new job she couldn't ask off more days :( I appreciated she came all this way when she just had to turn around and go back home so quick. Thansk Tara! And my dad did the same thing, he drove late into the night to be able to come up and meet his second grandson and I appreciated that he did that. The first time he held Wes, Wes was mesmorized by him:) I got some cute pics of that. Joey's parents came a few days after Wesley's birth and the kids had a ton of fun with them. Ammon looooves his Tata and they shared in lots of memorable moments together. Nana spent lots of time with the girls in the sewing room. They even had a fashion show! And one afternoon they went to American Girl Bistro for lunch and shopping. And of course we were well fed with island style food while they were here. I always love that. In between all of the fun with the older kids and the grandparents, everyone got lots of snuggles with Wesley boy. It was nice to have the extra helping hands and lots of people to entertain the kiddos. I was so grateful for everyone that came. Here are pics from his first two-ish weeks with us...

                                  Just cuddling on day two with my little boy at the hospital...

Balloons my mom brought to the hospital with the cute!

Time to go home! Check out the Underarmor onesie :) Hes already a stylin dude.

My mom and the girls made these treats and the sparkling cider was a little surprise from a family in our new ward. So thoughtful!

 One of my mom's creations with the girls...a brownie peanut butter cup trifle. It was wowsas.

Grandpa visits! These pics are so so sweet.

Silly Ammon..
                      Nana & Tata visit!

                                            Gotta smell those baby feet..its a Tata thang :)

 Ammon making his little brother happy..loooove these pics...

 Daddy & Wes chillin out.

Fun with Tata & Nana...
                                                           AG Bistro!
                     Fashionistas...the girls helped Nana sew lots of awesome stuff!


Marie Rayner said...

What a fun week Holly. You have such a beautiful little family. I remember those days well when I had my five and they were like stair steps . . . three in diapers at one point! I look back and wonder how I did now, but I somehow just did! Now my hands are empty and my hours too...hang onto these precious days for as long as you can. They pass far too quickly. Sending you all my love. xxoo

Tara D. said...

Aw, I see that little dimple of Wes's. So adorable! So wish that I could have stayed longer. :( Bummer! Just a couple of more months before the holidays though. Looking forward to seeing all of you then.