Wednesday, September 12, 2012

1st Day of School 2012

I had so many worries about the kids first day of school this year. SOOO many changes for them in a short period of time. Not only did we move a couple of times and have a new baby, but we moved out of our school district and out of our old ward. So everything changed. For Cali, I knew the transition at school would be easiest. She hadn't established herself in an elementary school yet. She is also just a really outgoing girl that makes friends in seconds. And I figured all the kids would be new in kindergarten. Ella is a bit more shy and she was the one I was the most worried about and prayed hardest for. She has had a hard time making close friends in the past so to change things up and throw her in a new place made me very worried for her. She is a soft spoken girl but once you get to know her, she is so fun! Any girl would be lucky to be buds with Ella and thats what I keep telling her. Aubrey is starting "middle" school here(5th and 6th graders are in a lower level middle school in this district where in our old district she would have still been in elementary with the younger two) So I was worried about a big change in structure with her having lots of new things like lockers with combo locks and 7 periods instead of just one teacher. But she has become more outgoing over the years and she is a quick learner so I was pretty confident she'd do alright in handling things. But still, this Mama was worried all day long on August 27th...luckily, they ALL came home and said they loved school. Our prayers were answered! They all have amazing teachers and are already making lots of friends. I am very very happy with our new home and our new town. The schools are awesome! And the people are too! It has all come together. I know we were guided here for a reason. Our patience truly paid off and we have been blessed. Aubrey has even said(and Ella a few days later as well) that she loves her new school more than her old school. And she has said the same about our new ward. So hooray!

First day of school pics...they are quite the stylish sparkly ladies.

Pics of Cali & Ella with their apples for their teacher about to enter their brand spankin new school. This school is actually brand new, not just new to them.  I decided to spare Aubrey the "mama-razzi" at middle school though I really wanted to follow her in! :) It was weird to not be stalking her this year. Sad weird.

Cali and her super sweet Kindergarten teacher. She is perfect for Cali. So loving and huggy!

Have to throw this one in because I didn't get one of Ella and her teacher on the first day of school. This pic is from Meet the Teacher night a few days earlier. I call her teacher Miss Honey because she reminds me of that sweet teacher on the movie, Matilda:) She is just so cute and feminine and sweet! And she always wears these cute dresses. Ella has a wonderful teacher this year-I have been really impressed.


jOeY said...

Our prayers have been answered! P.S. i love all the updates on the blog baby.

Tara D. said...

So glad they've loved their new schools. Yay! And yes, Ella's teacher does have that "Ms. Honey" look to her, lol. ;)